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CSIMiami_Eva_LaRue.jpgLater tonight, after you’re done trick-or-treating or partying and the kids are all tucked away in bed, visions of asparagus dancing in their heads (who knows, after that much candy, maybe), CBS “CSI: Miami” has one last trick in store.

In tonight’s episode, “Sleepless in Miami,” CSI Natalia Boa Vista (Eva LaRue) goes undercover to discover whether a man who claimed to have dreamed about a murder before it happened is unstable, psychic or actually the killer.

(Speaking of dreaming about things before they happen, click here for a story with LaRue’s co-star, Emily Procter.)

During a recent press event for the crime drama’s 200th episode (currently scheduled to air Dec. 5), LaRue shared a few details about what viewers can expect from tonight.

“The episode starts off totally differently and so much darker than we’ve ever done,” she says. “You know you’re in a nightmare, but you’re not sure whose. You know you’re watching a murder, but you’re not sure who’s doing the murdering.

“The room is circulating, and there’s blood on the ceilings and walls. Then you find this guy, and you’re not sure if he’s digging up a head or burying a head. You’re seeing it from his perspective, and he thinks he’s killing himself.

“Come to find out, he’s been drugged. This drug is a real drug. The writers were telling us the stories of how these people hallucinate to the point where they thinkCSIMiami_Eva_LaRue_David_Caruso_Jonathan_Togo.jpg that aliens are coming to get them, or monsters are coming.

“People’s faces are unusually blank, and their eyes are glowing orbs. They completely freak out. This particular drug is akin to the zombie drug.”

(HCTV: BTW, that’s scopolamine)

Unfortunately, Boa Vista also winds up getting a dose.

“I end up drugged in this episode,”
says LaRue. “I start shooting at my co-workers, because I think they’re my ex-husband coming to kill me. It’s really cool. It was fun to completely trip out. They have to tackle me and pin me down.

“That’s just been my favorite episode so far this year.”

Posted by:Kate O'Hare