gary sinise csi episodic 325 'CSI: NY': Gary Sinise 'probably won't know' about Season 10 pick up when the 9th endsGary Sinise expects it to be deja vu all over again when filming on “CSI: NY” wraps soon.

Production on the CBS crime drama ended last spring with the cast and crew uncertain whether they’d be returning for another year, and Season 9 — which continues Friday (Jan. 4) with a new episode — is destined to finish the same way. The finale is scheduled earlier than usual, Feb. 22, and Sinise expects to remain in the dark about the show’s future then.

“We won’t know anything,” the Emmy and Golden Globe-winning veteran of plays and such movies as “Forrest Gump” and “Ransom” predicts to Zap2it. “We may find out something before May, and we may go right to the wire again, which is what we did last year. They called me an hour before it hit the Internet to say, ‘You’re coming back,’ and I assume it’ll be that way again this year.”

Possible cause for hope: Sinise will cross over to CBS’ “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” as a new two-part episode begins Wednesday, Feb. 6 … with that show’s Ted Danson coming to “CSI: NY” to finish the story two nights later. The mystery involves the disappearance of Detective Mac Taylor’s (Sinise) girlfriend Christine (Megan Dodds).

However, Sinise is playing it safe by moderating his hopes for the timing of that tale. “The tricky part,” he reasons, “is that when you end [filming] your season in early February, and you don’t begin the next season until mid-July, a cast and crew of 200 people or so isn’t going to know for several months what’s going on. And clearly, a lot of people can’t wait around to find out.

“We’re going to lose part of what’s a really good team, I think, if we do come back. This year, we lost some good, key people who had to take other jobs. If Pam Veasey (the executive producer and writer who’s the ‘CSI: NY’ showrunner) comes back, and some of the other key people who drive the show do, I think that’ll keep things rolling forward … but we probably won’t know until May.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin