gary sinise csi ny 325 cbs 'CSI: NY': Gary Sinise says CBS knows 'we're solid' while awaiting word on renewal

Gary Sinise is holding out hope that it isn’t the end for “CSI: NY,” but he’s content with where the show stands for now.
The CBS crime drama ended its ninth season in February, and the network hasn’t indicated yet whether it will be renewed. While Sinise is no stranger to being in that position (“We’ve had that three years in a row now”), he’s satisfied that the show’s fans have been given some sense of closure, since his Detective Mac Taylor proposed to girlfriend Christine (Megan Dodds). And yes, she said, “Yes.”
“If you look at the very first episode of Season 1,” Emmy and Golden Globe Award winner Sinise tells Zap2it, “Mac is identified as a 9/11 family member, a first responder who lost a loved one in the Twin Towers. He’s grieving, and throughout that first season, he’s dealing with some of the residual effects.
“Toward the end of Season 8, he strikes up a relationship with Christine that works itself very slowly and very carefully into Season 9. And by the end of that season, he proposes. If you look at the very first episode — where he’s very sad — to the end of the ninth season, where he’s found love again and is moving on, I think that’s a great bookend if that’s the way it has to end.” 
Reuniting with longtime friend Joe Mantegna to host PBS’ annual National Memorial Day Concert telecast on Sunday, May 26, Sinise is setting out on another busy itinerary of performances with his Lt. Dan Band (named for his “Forrest Gump” movie character) to support members of the U.S. military and their families. However, if CBS gives “CSI: NY” another green light, he’ll be ready.
Sinise says, “I talked to Pam (Veasey, the show runner and an executive producer of the series) the other day, and she said some survey was done about ‘Which show would the audience most want to come back?’ … and we were No. 1.
“CBS has renewed 18 shows, and that’s a lot of programming. They’ve only got so much room for new stuff. I know their Friday night has taken a bit of a hit since we went off the air, but they know we’re solid, they know we deliver and they know we have an audience. It’s up to them whether they want to give us another shot.”
Posted by:Jay Bobbin