elisabeth harnois csi cbs 'CSI' Season 14: Will Morgan survive the summer?“CSI” original recipe will return to CBS this fall, the last franchise entry standing, but after Wednesday (May 15) night’s season finale, could the series wind up mourning a series regular?

Of course, we’re referring to Elisabeth Harnois‘ Morgan Brody, who would up missing by the end of the hour. After chasing a serial killer murdering prostitutes in manners that fit the circles of Hell in “Dante’s Inferno,” the team sent Morgan undercover, to the protestations of Ecklie.

This being “CSI,” the mission didn’t go well. The murderer, Oliver Tate (played by Tim Matheson, “Hart of Dixie”) skipped circles and jumped to the eighth — fraud. Somehow, Oliver knew what was what and, after seemingly dismissing Morgan, had her disappeared. By the time Greg and Nick pulled the black SUV over, she was no longer in it.

Not only is Morgan’s fate in limbo, but the fate of Brass’ estranged daughter Ellie remains in the air, as well. When “CSI” returns this fall, it’s bound to be a nail-biter.

Do you think Morgan will survive to see Season 14?

Posted by:Billy Nilles