Georgeeads_csi_240 Important safety note tonight from CSI: Don’t mess with a Colombian drug lord. Don’t even know anyone who knows a Colombian drug lord. Or is his daughter.

[Spoilers are in the blood]

We open the night before Halloween (nice one, writers), where Nick and Riley are bemoaning a spate of robberies by trick-or-treaters dressed as cops. Funnily enough, the convenience store they’re outside is robbed by — you guessed it — someone dressed as a cop. Nick gives chase, which rambles through a mirror factory (fitting) and ends with the suspect dead after a fall into a glass-filled dumpster.

He’s not alone, though. Under his corpse is another, a young woman. The game’s afoot!

She — and by "she" I mean Angela, the aforementioned drug lord’s daughter — is our A-plot corpse, so we’ll follow her. Angela was stamped on the thigh for a local club called Dark Water. Great horror flick, at least the original… I’ll confess to missing the remake even though it featured Jennifer Connelly. Dark Water is run by Craig Hess (Jason Lewis from "Sex and the City"), who swears he didn’t know Angela. Video proves she was bounced from his VIP room, though.

Angela’s all sorts of messed up: She has needle marks, white powder in her nose and a large glass shard in her head. Oh, and her blood’s hemolized and keeps separating. Hemolysis could mean anything from anemia to biological warfare, Grissom helpfully points out.

Wallacelangham_nbc2004allstarparty_ More mysteries: The powder in Angela’s nose turns out to be atropine, which is used to cut cocaine, and her blood tests as one part female, two parts male. Daddy is not going to like this. Hodges, meanwhile, realizes the shard in Angela’s head came from a fishbowl.

Cath drags Craig in for questioning, and he rolls over on "his boy" Goya, who raises the carp used to decorate Dark Water and supplies coke. Which, hey, is cut with atropine! Sure enough, when pressed by the cops, Goya and his pothead co-worker spill all. Angela came looking for drugs, and Pothead left to get pot from his stash. Hey, they knew her lineage and didn’t want to get caught up in any stupidity. Too bad for them: Angela spied the atropine, mistook it for coke, snorted some and seized, landing face-first on a goldfish bowl.

How best to save her? Pothead turned to the urban legend about Keith Richards and talked Goya into replacing Angela’s blood with their own. Goya, though, was an incompatible blood type, and the reaction finished off our party girl. Goya swears he and Pothead are dead men for being even nearby when Angela died.

In the B-plot, Nicky and Brass tracked the robber’s uniform to a Reno cop whose uniform was, uh, soiled during some kinkiness. He sent it to the hotel cleaner but never got it back. The robber had a record, but turns out he was in town innocently enough, for his ultimate fighter best friend’s bachelor party.

Fighter says he and Robber got into a fight at a strip club, after which Fighter was arrested. Robber, ever the best man, was out to raise bail… by swiping the cop’s uniform (which was left hanging outside his door) and hitting up some convenience stores. On the upside, now he won’t make an embarassing toast.

We end to Death Cab for Cutie’s "Pity and Fear" — and thanks, CSI folks, for swiping my iPod playlist — as the LVPD find out how far Angela’s father can reach. Craig, Angela’s best friend, Angela’s aunt, Goya and Pothead are all found murdered. Yee-owch.

Oh, lest I forget, Catherine’s daughter Lindsay made what amounted to a cameo, first by getting caught dancing at Dark Water, and then in Cath’s office with a breathalyzer test showing she hadn’t been drinking that night. There’s a lesson in there about parenting — trust versus mass murder or something — but I’m too busy running background checks on my friends to elaborate.

Posted by:Andy Grieser