ted danson mary steenburgen red carpet nc 325 'CSI': Ted Danson can't 'pin down' wife Mary Steenburgen for guest roleTed Danson knows it isn’t easy to land certain guest stars. Even his wife.

The current lead on CBS’ Las Vegas-set “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” hoped his Oscar-winning spouse, Mary Steenburgen, might appear on the long-running Wednesday drama when he joined it last season. The scheduling ultimately didn’t jell, and though he maintains “it’s always a pleasure when we get to work together,” he isn’t sure when she might be available for that next.

“She’s hard to pin down,” the pleasant Danson confirms to Zap2it. “She’s just finished a film, ironically called ‘Last Vegas.’ She plays the lounge singer Michael Douglas and Robert De Niro both fall in love with — and she writes her own music now. She has a publishing deal with Universal Music, and she’s been doing that for the last five years as well.

“There she was, singing some of her own songs and working with these two amazing actors … four, actually, also including Kevin Kline and Morgan Freeman. So it’s hard to nail her down long enough for her to be on the show.”

Danson’s immediate “CSI” future involves a two-parter that will start on his series Wednesday, Feb. 6, then conclude two nights later on CBS’ “CSI: NY.” His role as forensic sleuth D.B. Russell is his one steady television job now, after a period when he juggled work on such series as “Damages,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “Bored to Death” simultaneously.

“You can barely see straight because of this 22-episode [per season] schedule,” two-time Emmy recipient Danson says of his “CSI” commitment. “You’re really like a marathon athlete, so I don’t have time to miss anything else.

“I’m a bit of a Pollyanna in that I love whatever I’m doing at the moment acting-wise, but I don’t think I’ve said goodbye to ‘funny’ forever,” adds “Cheers” and “Becker” veteran Danson. “I enjoy that as well. I hope to do ‘CSI’ for as long as we possibly can, then I hope to find something that has humor in it.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin