Tonight on “CSI” we get the 200th episode. Wow, that is a lot of episodes. It seems like “CSI” hasn’t been on long enough to warrant that many episodes. Huh. Anyway, tonight we have… Killer Luchadores. Fun!

After a rather creepy chase scene through an alley to open the show, which culminates in the young blonde victim having her neck snapped, the team is called in. Ray knows her; it’s Silvia Malick, one of his graduate students in criminal pathology. He was advising her on her thesis before he left to work at CSI.

In a flashback, Ray remembers Silvia asking him for crime scene photos from unsolved murders for her “research.” At her office, it turns out she has amassed quite the collection of info on unsolved murders of Hispanic women who all had their necks snapped. Ray thinks she got too close to the “Southwest Stalker” and was killed.

There was a piece of white leather in her hand with traces of powdered Datura on it, which was also in Silvia’s system. It’s a powerful hallucinogen that is reportedly used in Santeria voodoo rituals to speak with the dead. Brass and Nick check out local Datura dealers and come across some voodoo chanting with bongos and shrieking and possibly a couple seizures. There is some voodoo priest guy hauled in for questioning, but nothing ever comes of it. Weird.

Greg examines security tapes of Silvia before her scary chase scene. Ray spots her exiting a fine Luchadores establishment, so he, Nick and Brass head over. Some fat masked men slam around in the squared circle for awhile as Nick and Ray look on. Brass and Ray question several wrestlers and then haul in the MC named Payaso Solitario. Hey, he was in “Speed!” Also, “Payaso Solitario” means “Solitary Clown” in English. Huh.

Using a handy-dandy computer program and database of Luchador masks (as one does), they find the mask that Silvia tore the white leather from. The man it belongs to is a giant frat boy named Fantasma who looks like Nick Stokes on ‘roids. He gives a DNA sample to clear himself from the DNA found on the mask and when that is subtracted, the remaining DNA matches our Solitary Clown.

Back at the luchadore club, Fantasma confronts Solitary Clown and kicks him out of the club, though Clown maintains he didn’t steal the mask. Post-confrontation, Fantasma jumps in the tanning bed (as one does) and a creepy hand turns on the showers. When Fantasma emerges, Solitary Clown shoots him twice. But Fantasma fights back like a champ (with two realistic-looking exit wounds on his back) and takes Clown down, only to be shot a third time. Bye bye, Fantasma. (Incidentally, the actor playing Fantasma is a wrestler named Aaron Aguilera who wrestles in Japan as part of a group called “Voodoo Murders.” Interesting.)

Brass and Ray show up and a chase ensues. When brought in, Clown still claims his innocence. Until his voice gets low and deep and he blames it on a Voodoo God. Ray twists his arm up, then leaves the room and punches a wall, remembering the last time he saw Silvia. We then get a voiceover of Ray sending an email of Silvia’s thesis to a forensics journal.

Well, as far as land-mark episodes of CSI go… I don’t think this cracks my top 50. I was so excited I got the 200th episode, but what a disappointment. The mystery just wasn’t interesting. Sigh. What do you guys think? Did this episode do it for you?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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