Williampetersen_csi_240_002An online bookie has offered odds on who will win the big Thursday-night ratings throwdown between CSI and Grey’s Anatomy. Said bookie has William Petersen and his Vegas crime-solvers as heavy favorites over the Seattle Grace crew.

We’re assuming the odds are being offered based on the total-viewer count from Thursday night. Not many people in the TV biz are expecting Grey’s to overtake CSI in the overall count — it drew better than 25 million viewers a week last season, compared to about 19.9 million for Grey’s Anatomy.

The real race to watch, though, will be in the 18-49 demo, where networks make their big money. In that measure, Grey’s actually led last season, averaging an 8.7 rating to CSI’s 8.2.

Me? I think CSI will beat its new competitor in both total viewers and adults 18-49 tonight, but only by a little, maybe a couple tenths of a point, in the latter category.

And you? As they say on PTI, who ya got?

UPDATE: Man, was I wrong. Grey’s didn’t just beat CSI, but it did so pretty easily. I think it’s safe to say pretty much no one saw that coming. We’ll have a full story on the battle in the news portion of the site when final numbers come out this afternoon.

Posted by:Rick Porter