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It was a night of misdirection on CSI: Sure, you may think a giant chicken or a pair of handcuffs or some classy lingerie would mean something to the case, but… well, that's why you're not a crime scene investigator.

[These spoilers are small, but powerful.]

The A-Plot
The victim: Bob Graham, manager of Choozy's Chicken. Bob was beat up a bit, but the real damage was his broken neck.
The evidence: Cops respond when the plaster Choozy mascot is pushed by ne'er-do-well frat boys through the front window. Bob's inside, of course, as is a trail of cooking oil on the floor and some menstrual blood. Missing are $200 and employees Gary Comstock and Liz Martin. Not for long: Gary turns up in a barrel of used cooking oil, and Liz turns out to be Rosa Gonzalez, an illegal alien.
The killer: Bob. Sort of. Bob was skimming cash and sexually harassing Rosa. Gary, who secretly lived at the restaurant, walked in at the wrong time. Rosa hit Bob and ran; Bob killed Gary with hot oil; and after dumping the body in a barrel, Bob slipped on the oily floor and broke his neck.
Trivia: Ray speaks and reads Mandarin fluently. Lab rat Archie at least speaks it fluently.

The B-Plot
The vic: A real-estate agent handcuffed to her bed.
The evidence: The agent's husband was found drunk in the living room. Autopsy found a huge amount of toothpaste in her stomach, enough to poison her. Plus, she'd been fed an antihistamine, which stopped her from vomiting up the toothpaste.
The killer: The real-estate agent — it was suicide. She hated her husband and wanted to set him up for murder. That's holding a grudge, people.
Trivia: Downing 250 mg of flouride toothpaste can kill you. That's just over half a tube.

In the end, Ray finally got his own office… in a medical lab in the morgue. And he loves it!

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