bubble shows cbs 'CSI:NY,' '$#*! My Dad Says,' 'Mad Love': Keep 'em or kill 'em?When it comes time to put together a schedule for the 2011-12 season, CBS will once again have the high-class problem of having to cut a couple of decently rated shows in order to make room for new series.

The network’s health is such that it can let go of shows (think “Ghost Whisperer” and “Without a Trace” in the past couple of seasons) with ratings that other networks would be glad to have. It’s likely going to happen again this year, which means that fans of shows like “CSI: NY” and “$#*! My Dad Says” might have some reason to sweat.

(“The Good Wife’s” ratings have also dipped some this year, but our feeling is that as a younger show that’s also attractive Emmy bait, it’s safer than some others on this list.)

So as Bubble Watch 2011 continues, we ask you: Which of these shows would you keep, and which would you send packing? Vote in the polls below and have your say in the comments.

“CSI: Miami” and “CSI: NY”

The case for them: Both “CSI” spinoffs changed timeslots this year, and both have upgraded their new homes compared to 2009-10. “CSI: NY” is averaging a shade over 11 million viewers on Fridays (along with a 2.1 rating among adults 18-49), while “Miami” draws 12 million viewers and a 2.9on Sundays.

The case against them: Both are hitting the age where the cost of keeping them on air may become a little heavy relative to ratings. It’s unlikely both will go, but one or the other could be sent to the TV-show morgue.

“The Defenders”

The case for it: Airing on Wednesdays for most of its run, it led its time period in viewers and was competitive in adults 18-49.

The case against it: As the weakest of CBS’ new dramas this season (pending the debut of “Chaos” later this week), it’s the most likely to get the ax. Wednesdays at 10 wasn’t exactly the most competitive timeslot this season, so the bar for success wasn’t super-high.

“Mad Love”

The case for it: It’s a pretty decent fit creatively with its lead-in, “How I Met Your Mother,” and skews relatively young.

The case against it: It hasn’t held onto the “HIMYM” lead-in audience as well as “Rules of Engagement” did earlier in the season.

“$#*! My Dad Says”

The case for it: Despite horrible reviews, William Shatner and Co. managed to get a consistent audience throughout the season and ended up rated ahead of most other sitcoms on the air.

The case against it: It lost substantial amounts of its “Big Bang Theory” lead-in, dropping by more than 20 percent in viewers (13.8 million to 10.7 million) and by almost a third in adults 18-49 (4.6 to 3.1).

“Two and a Half Men”

The show was renewed for 2011-12 well before Charlie Sheen got fired from the show, but since he did, its future has to be at least a little in doubt. Given all that’s going on, we’re not going to do the usual pro-con argument; we just want to know what you think.

Posted by:Rick Porter