The big question heading into tonight’s Curb Your Enthusiasm season finale is whether or not Larry David would end up getting back together with Cheryl, his estranged wife. At least, that was my big question, the show did not, however, provide an answer.

At the beginning of the episode, Larry was so distressed by the whole Cheryl thing that he couldn’t even get out of bed. When he did manage to get himself out of bed (with the help of Leon and Jeff), he was informed by Loretta that the Blacks were leaving because their new house was ready. He was able to muster a modicum of enthusiasm over this, but not the sort of over-the-top glee that Larry would have exhibited on the average day. He hated the idea of these people coming to live with him, they were finally leaving, and Larry registered little more than the smallest amount of happiness.

It is, hypothetically, possible that the reason that Larry was feeling down at the beginning of the episode went beyond just losing Cheryl. It is just possible that one of the reasons that Larry was not feeling so hot at the top of the episode, and squirming around in his bed to boot, is that he had a gerbil up his anus. I can’t be certain, of course, that a gerbil up one’s anus would add to his or her level of discomfort, but Larry certainly seemed unhappy about it and I have to guess that it would be uncomfortable.

In fact, Larry seemed so unhappy that he went to see a gastro-intestinal doctor about it. That plot point didn’t sit particularly well with me, though. If I had a gerbil up my anus, I think that I would go to an emergency room instantaneously as opposed to waiting a couple of days to see a GI doctor. It is true that Larry later claimed that he was just joking when he told the doctor about the gerbil, that he just didn’t want to tell the doctor the truth, but I don’t quite believe it.

In the case of Larry’s tickling anus, the man made his bed and had to lie in it (the gerbil too, I imagine). The people who got more than they bargained for were Jeff and Susie (an argument could be made that simply by inviting Larry they should have known what to expect, but I don’t accept that). At their daughter’s Bat Mitzvah, Jeff and Susie made the mistake of allowing anyone who wanted to the opportunity the chance to step up to the microphone and give their best to the girl of the moment. Needless to say, Larry took the opportunity to grab the microphone and tell everyone present that he did not, contrary to the rumors, have a gerbil up his anus. Not only did Larry, in his own special way, ruin the party, I think he was lying too.

Okay, it’s time, **spoiler alert**. At the very end of the episode, at the Bat Mitzvah, Larry started dancing with Loretta Black. He closed his eyes, the screen went to black, and Larry woke up in bed with Loretta. Various quick scenes occurred (a montage some might call it), in which Larry was seen at Loretta’s son’s soccer game, in the car with Loretta and her children, having Loretta yell at Susie for him, at a movie with the whole family, and then taking a photo for a Christmas card with the family. Was it a dream? Was it real? Was Larry just imagining what his life would be like with Loretta and the Blacks as part of his family, or are they now actually part of his family? I believe that it was just a dream, just Larry imagining what life might be like with Loretta, but I could be mistaken. What do you think?

A quote and some thoughts:

  • The girl Larry picked up at the GI doctor’s office, Paula, claimed she was just there for a "check-up." Larry didn’t believe her for a minute, did you?
  • Paula wanted to leave the movie theater before the show was over, Larry refused to go early, explaining that he stays with things until the end — "I have friends who I can’t stand. For…you know, for like 25 years, I’m still friends with them." Paula then queried him as to why he would remain friends with them. He answered — "Because I stay till the end, until they’re dead. I go down with the ship, that’s what I do. I’m not even the captain, I’m going down with the ship. That’s how I want you to think about me — a guy who keeps the captain company."
  • I feel betrayed by Larry entering the "no fly zone." The man decided to go over the fence tonight and I can’t fathom why. I always assumed that once someone went through the gate they’d always go through the gate. Larry, apparently, has decided to go over the fence.

Me, I’m going to remain steadfast. I’m not going over the fence, I’m a through the gate person, and right now I’m heading through the gate and over to The TV and Film Guy’s Reviews.

Posted by:Josh Lasser