There are times when I simply can’t abide what Larry David does. I know, I know, I have been pushing all season about how nice this guy is, but tonight we really saw some of the man’s issues come to the fore.

I think TiVo is as important as the next guy, actually, probably I think TiVo is far more important than the next guy, but the man’s wife thought she was going to die and he was more interested in the TiVo repairman. He knew his wife was on an airplane, and he was still more interested in the TiVo repairman. Larry claimed that he didn’t know the plane was going down. How much money do they have where he is okay with her using an airphone? I can’t imagine Larry ever being okay with such a thing, so clearly there must have been something hugely important happening for Cheryl to be calling from an airplane. Sure, it can be hard to hear when there is a ton of noise in the background from the potential crashing of the airplane, but that in no way forgives Larry’s actions.

Now, however wrong Larry was for being a complete moron, I did have trouble believing that Cheryl would have started dating someone so quickly. What was it, three days later when she was out with Glen, and it was while she was still on the airplane that the relationship started to form? I understand that intense experiences create strong emotional bonds more quickly, but it seems to me that Cheryl would have more respect than that. Isn’t there some sort of mourning period for the relationship that most couples must abide by? Is there not a standardized list of waiting periods that can be found? Also, didn’t Cheryl say that she just needed some time? Did she really mean that she needed to make time with some other guy? I firmly believe that she ought to have waited a respectful period, maybe a month or two, before entering the dating scene again.

After watching the episode, I even have a sneaking suspicion that Cheryl pushed for everyone to choose her over Larry. I have a feeling that she went to every one of their friends, and the restaurants she and Larry frequented, and asked for them to choose her. Wow. Larry got stabbed in the back. Next episode we’ll probably even find out that she went after Jeff and Susie too. You think you know a person and then this happens.

It is precisely because of Cheryl’s actions that I think Larry was perfectly within his rights to go out with Lucy "Xena" Lawless. In other circumstances I may have said that despite Cheryl’s hitting the dating scene again so soon after their breakup, Larry should take the high road, that he should be the bigger person. Think of the points that could earn at a later date. However, when we add so many of their friends choosing her too, I have to give Larry a free pass.

A couple of other thoughts that don’t quite fit in above:

First, can someone explain the appeal of Glen’s product to me. Does anyone want "No Fly Zone" underwear? Personally, I think it’s ridiculous. Glen actually argued that 74 percent of men "go over the fence" instead of "through the gate." I am flabbergasted, that may be the most ridiculous fake statistic ever. I would have trouble believing that 10 percent of men would "go over the fence" much less 74 percent.

Now, for a minute, focus on a hugely important thing for a minute: how do you get the TiVo guy to come to your house? I have two TiVos and I love them, I really and truly do, but I have never, not once, gotten the TiVo guy to come to my house. I even have a TiVo man sticker on my back windshield and no one from TiVo has ever come to my house. I’m going to be brutally honest for a minute here and tell you something I don’t really tell people, I kiss my TiVos… on a fairly regular basis. Yet, no one from TiVo has ever come to my house. I converted my wife from a TiVo naysayer to a TiVo lover, our TiVo broke once and it was she, my wife, who complained bitterly until the new one arrived. She loves TiVo because of me and tells everyone how great TiVo is. We’re like Jehovah’s Witnesses for TiVo. Does that get anyone from TiVo into my home? No, sadly it doesn’t.

Hey TiVo man and everyone else? You know where you should head? Wow, is this getting too easy, did you know I was going to suggest The TV and Film Guy’s Reviews?

Posted by:Josh Lasser