susie essman curb your enthusiasm 320 'Curb Your Enthusiasm's' Susie Essman on show's renewal: 'I think it's time for Susie to be cheating on Jeff'

HBO announced the official renewal of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” Tuesday (April 20), which means fictional Larry David and his band of misfits will be back for an eighth hilarious go-round.

Last month, I spoke with one of “Curb”‘s major players, Ms. Susie Essman, about the chances of another season and what she’d like to see go down if they did come back.

“You know how, last season, Jeff was cheating on me?,” Essman says in the clip below. “I think it’s time for Susie to have an affair…I think it’s time for Susie to be cheating on Jeff.”
Amen, sister.
As you’ll see, I suggest a possible boxer-shorts in the glove compartment scene, but Essman has a better idea: “Maybe she’ll find a guy who’s into S&M and that’ll be the thing.”
Of course, Essman is known as a fowl-mouthed, spit venom sort of lady because of her work on “Curb,” so this does make perfect sense. 
Essman says when she first started doing the show, she was often contacted by men who found her onscreen temperment quite attractive. “I got all these real sicko emails from, like, sadomasochistic guys who just wanted me to scream and yell at them.”
It got so bad that Essman had to remove her email address from her website, but she still gets approached in person: “I’m at the produce section buying, you know, cantelope and [people] ask me to tell them to go f–k themselves.” 
See for yourself…

Love. Susie. Essman.

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