Curiouser and curiouser…

Heath Ledger‘s masseuse is not licensed by New York state to perform massage therapy, according to Us magazine.

Practicing massage therapy without a license is a felony, according to US magazine’s sources, and the masseuse could face fines or jail time.

Actressma_dimit_15311648_600“We have notified the New York City Police Department as part of their investigation that no one by that name is licensed as a massage therapist in the state of New York,” Jonathan Burman, spokesman for the New York State Education Department, told Us.

Well, that explains why Diana Lee Wolozin wasn’t fully trained in CPR, a state requirement, and had to be given the basics on the phone when she eventually dialed for medical help.

Call me crazy, but if I found an unconscious man, I would not be making four calls for advice to their mutual ‘friend,’ Mary-Kate Olsen. reports MK was "casually dating" Heath. "They had a bond that was based on partying, and they had the same tastes in partying… like, in terms of where they liked to hang out in New York, what time they would want to go out. They just had the same sensibility," a source told told People. MK dispatched her security team to Ledger’s abode. Wait, she has a security team?

Okay, forget personal security. I’d be calling 911 to get medical help pronto.

Actorsmar_alexa_15306634_600Where was MK? I’d seen her at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this week (hugging Colin Farrell and partying with Lilo’s old pal DJ Samantha Ronson) promoting her new film, "The Wackness," in which she plays a regular pot smoker who makes out with her costar Ben Kingsley in a phone booth.

Hey, she also played a (born-again) pot smoker in the hit Showtime TV series "Weeds."  Typecast much?

In the end, the reported 23 minutes between the time Wolozin found Ledger’s body and emergency workers arrived, may not have been totally "wasted."

After all, it does give one a chance to tidy up a bit and make the apartment look nice for the police and paramedics.

Your thoughts?

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead