Joannagarcia Well, it’s a sad day for “Privileged” fans. Sources tell me the network surprised many by making the last-second decision to let the Rina Mimoun drama go quietly into the night earlier this week.

So I guess we’ll never know what happened with Will and Megan after she woke up in bed post-“we were on a break” sex…

Feel free to express your condolences/catty complaints in the comments section. And if you have questions for Ms. Mimoun, please let me know.

On a brighter note, I’m hearing really good things about the Ashton Kutcher-produced “Beautiful Life,” which insiders say is a sure thing for fall. Word is, the drama about young models in the city will film in New York, instead of Canada where the pilot was shot, because the network has high hopes for it.

And, no surprise, “Melrose” and “Vampire Diaries” will get an official pick up on Thursday too, as has long been rumored. 

So, thoughts? 

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