Pcd_asia_03_012r Where in the world is Asia?

The Pussycat Dolls were missing a member during this month’s Live Earth concert: Asia Nitollano, the Knick City dancer who won the CW’s reality competition show Pussycat Dolls: The Search for the Next Doll.

Her absence was particularly conspicuous because of the unpopularity of her win. Not only did she turn on her fellow competitors and exhibit strange singing affectations during the show, but as Sisely so sagely observed, "Dude, Asia dances like [a] drag queen."

At Friday’s CW Television Critics press tour, Dawn Ostroff, the CW’s president of entertainment was good enough to dispel the notion that the network gave Asia the boot for her weird fluttering finger movements on the mike.

"Asia has decided to do a solo career," said Ostroff to the group of laughing journalists. "we always said that, you know, it’s their choice to either do a solo career or join the Pussycat Dolls … It was totally her choice."

Fans of the fishnets and boas need not worry though. Just because the first go-round didn’t work out doesn’t mean that the CW has given up on the stilletoes and gyrations.

"Our next edition of the Pussycat Dolls franchise, where we’ll be creating a new female group, [will be back]. And I think part of what’s exciting to us is that we get to create a whole new band, a whole new group. And, you know, the Pussycat Dolls are involved in the week to week of finding the girls, because this new girl band is going to also be able to dance, be able to sing. Obviously, they’ll be quite attractive. ‘Girlicious’ is going to be the name of the group."

Ever the innovators, the CW will also shake up another one of their reality franchises, Beauty and the Geek.

"This time around, there’s a twist and the credit for this idea really goes to all of you [journalists]," said Ostroff. "In our latest batch of beauties and geeks, we’ve added one handsome young man and a smart, geeky young woman to the mix. So things are going to get pretty interesting around that house.

"The Beauty and the Geek conceit is that they participate in the whole show, in the game. And the — well, geeky girl is with the girls and the handsome guy is with the guys, and it’s really interesting because it’s also not only the competition of the teams, but it’s also interesting to see how the rest of the geeks respond to our new guy and how the rest of the girls respond to our new gal.

The mimbo is an actor who will be playing himself (don’t want to tax him), and the girl will also be a genuine geek in real life.

Ooh, ooh. And can we now replace Tyra Banks on America’s Next Top Model with a real drag queen? We bet he’d be fierce.

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen