Dakota Fanning
is really, really excited about taking on the role of Jane, the Volturi vampire in "Twilight’s" sequel, "New Moon."

However, she hasn’t even read the book yet.

Fanning admitted at this afternoon’s junket for her new film, "Coraline," that she’s only halfway through reading the first "Twilight" book.

Asked if there was any movement on "New Moon," Dakota replied, "It’s not 100% for sure yet that I will be doing it, but it’s definitely not like a rumor or anything. It’s definitely a possibility and something I’m excited about."

Asked if there was any particular scene from the book that she was looking forward to doing, she said, "I don’t know … I just think the character is what I’d be excited about. It’s kind of evil, it’s a vampire, it’s really cool."

Does she have any favorite vampires from films?

"I don’t. The only vampire movie I’ve seen is ‘Twilight.’ "

I told her, "Well, then, I guess we know who your favorite vampire is!" and Dakota laughed out loud and blushed.

Fanning hasn’t read all four of Stephenie Meyers’ vampire books yet, but says she’s "working on it.
I’m just about finished with the first one."

So, another reporter asked, she hasn’t gotten to "New Moon" yet?

"No, not yet," she admitted.

I mentioned to Dakota that the Vanessa Hudgens "Twilight" casting rumors caused a fury among Twilighters, but that it seemed most comments on The Dish Rag from readers about her being cast as Jane were pretty supportive and embracing.

“That’s really nice," Dakota says."It makes me feel good. I know that ‘Twilight’ is so sacred to some people I know that when people cast certain people, people have their opinions and that’s their right. And it’s very flattering that they think I’d be right for the part, and I hope it works out.”

BTW, Dakota turns 15 in three weeks. She’s a Pisces.

What do you think, Twilighters? Is is a good sign – or a bad sign – that Dakota hasn’t read "New Moon" yet?


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