dakota fanning cosmo cover Dakota Fanning's Cosmo cover controversyDakota Fanning has always seemed so mature on screen that it’s hard to believe she is not yet 18 years old. And now the fact that she’s underage is causing controversy once again. Back in November, her Marc Jacobs perfume ads were banned in Britain for depicting the underage girl in a sexual manner.

Now it’s a Cosmo magazine cover that have folks up in arms.

Media expert Rachelle Friberg tells Fox News, “Cosmopolitan is going overboard by putting an underage girl on its cover
surrounded by such article titles. It is one thing to educate young women about
sex and their bodies, but putting a young, underage girl on the cover
of a magazine that had long been known to push the limits is sending the
wrong message.”

The objections are because the stories surrounding Fanning include “His Best Sex Ever,” “Too Naughty To Say Here: But You Have to Try This Sex Trick,” and “Um, Vagina Are You Okay Down There?”

Her actual appearance on the cover does not seem to have people up in arms. We think she looks gorgeous and not at all inappropriate, but we can kind of see the objections, considering the headlines abutting her image (though we aren’t sure the vagina story should be lumped in with the sex tricks stories – “vagina” isn’t a dirty word and it’s a health-related article).

Cosmo responds to Fox News, saying, “We’re thrilled to feature Dakota Fanning on the February cover of
Cosmopolitan magazine and she looks stunning. Dakota, who turns 18 this
month, is a mature, fearless young woman and we are proud to honor her
as our Fun Fearless Female of the year. We
applaud her unprecedented accomplishments which will continue in 2012
with her four upcoming movie roles.”  

What do you think, Zappers?
Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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