Relax, Twilighters. The rumored "New Moon" poster featuring Dakota Fanning is a fan creation, not an official "New Moon" promo release.

Several sites have been circulating the "New Moon" poster featuring Fanning. first published this poster on March 21.

The post at praised the artist, saying: “The Twilight Examiner posted this on their site. Wish I new who the creator of the poster was so I could give them credit! A new fan-made poster of Jane in New Moon really gives us an idea of how Dakota Fanning might look when portraying the part.”

Does anyone know who made it?

What do you think of Fanning's faux "New Moon" look?

We're not too thrilled with that silly smirk. So not Jane. And it does look a bit "Harry Potterish."

We half expect Jane to disappear under the invisibility cloak. Evanesco!

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead