julie gonzalo dallas finale 'Dallas' finale twist: Did you see Rebecca's 'Revelation' coming?After “Dallas” premiered on TNT in June, Zap2it speculated on which other characters from the original show should return. One of them was Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval), who did in fact make a couple of appearances during the season — and as it turns out, had a hand in a big plot twist in Wednesday’s (Aug. 8) season finale.

(Spoilers ahead, so be warned.)

Here’s what we said at the time about how Cliff might figure into the story: “Christopher’s new wife Rebecca (Julie Gonzalo) is apparently hiding something. Cliff’s mom was named Rebecca, and in the original series he had a daughter named Pamela Rebecca. Just sayin’.”

Turns out those instincts were right. Rebecca survived last week’s who-got-shot cliffhanger, as her “brother” Tommy took the bullet. But we did finally find out who was running their long con — none other than Cliff, who is, in fact, Rebecca’s father. Which means that Christopher was married to and conceived children with his cousin. Yes, Christopher is adopted and so they’re not related by blood, but still: Zoinks.

That was one of just many big developments in the finale — which also include John Ross proposing to Elena, who says yes before changing her mind and hooking up with Christopher again; the Ewings seemingly getting out of the deal with Vicente; and John Ross then asking his dad to teach him all the dirty tricks he knows — but it sticks out as the “Dun-dun-DUN!” moment of the hour for us.

So the question is: Did you see the twist coming? What do you make of the reveal, and of John Ross and J.R. teaming up again? Weigh in on the finale and what it might mean for Season 2 — which starts in January — in the comments.

Posted by:Rick Porter