jr ewing bourbon dallas 'Dallas' is getting J.R. Ewing bourbon: Other TV character booze pairingsJ.R. Ewing might be gone, but his legacy lives on with a new bourbon named after the “Dallas” patriarch. The Southfork Bottling Company has teamed up with Warner Bros. TV for a new liquor set to hit select shelves at the end of March.

J.R. Ewing Bourbon is a 4-year-old, 80-proof light amber-colored bourbon described as having a nose that’s “classic and slightly fruity, with notes of vanilla, oak sweetness and a touch of orange. The taste profile is surprisingly mild, yet crisp, and exhibits a lightly spicy/honey taste that lingers on the palate,” according to people who know a lot more words to describe bourbon than “mmmm, more please!”

It’s a perfect product tie-in to honor the character — and the late Larry Hagman, whose family endorses the drink. “My father, Larry Hagman, would have loved the fact that this new bourbon was named after his legendary character, J.R. Ewing — a signature spirit inspired by one of the most beloved, conniving and trailblazing characters in entertainment history,” son says Preston Hagman in a press release.

But while we’re on the topic of iconic television characters with signature drinks, Zap2it decided to come up with a few more ideas in case liquor companies and TV studios are listening. All we’re asking for are a couple of free cases in the event these actually happen.* (*By “a couple” we mean “a lifetime supply.”)

Here are our suggestions:

– Jules Cobb Wine — all varietals, would come pre-packaged in an individual Big Joe/Big Carl/Big Kimo/Big Lou/Big Tippi/Big Chuck.

– Nucky Thompson’s “Boardwalk Empire” whiskey

– Olivia Pope Cabernet Sauvignon
(popcorn pairing optional)

– Barney and Ted’s Glen McKenna 35
— this “How I Met Your Mother” joke is already branded, so they might as well follow through

– Don Draper Scotch
(“Mad Men”) — well-aged, unlike his wives

– RIP Alaric Saltzman Bourbon
(“The Vampire Diaries”)

– Ezra Fitz Board Shorts Ale
(“Pretty Little Liars”) — this one’s already done too. Just make it!

– Dean Winchester’s ‪Purgatory Pale Ale
(“Supernatural”) — Hey, at least you’re not in hell!‬

– Cersei Lannister’s Dornish Wine
— Just saying, they already have “Game of Thrones” beer. So this is pretty realistic too.

– Tim Riggins Texas Forever Lager
(“Friday Night Lights”)
– Nick Miller Bourbon (“New Girl”) — this would be, like, the opposite of J.R. Ewing bourbon. Barely well quality.

Posted by:Jean Bentley