dallas season 1 tnt 'Dallas': Larry Hagman would be 'very proud of' J.R. Ewing's funeral, says  Jordana BrewsterJordana Brewster is relieved to have J.R. Ewing’s funeral behind her on “Dallas.”

Filming has been completed on that critical chapter of the TNT series reboot, slated to be televised Monday, March 11. As Ewing Energies business partner Elena Ramos, she didn’t work with the late Larry Hagman remotely as long as such other cast members as Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray, but she was still impacted by him.

larry hagman dallas 325 'Dallas': Larry Hagman would be 'very proud of' J.R. Ewing's funeral, says  Jordana Brewster“It was very bittersweet,” she tells Zap2It of making the pivotal episode. “In a way, it was like reliving the tragedy we all had to live through in November [when Hagman died]. We came back from the holiday break and shot the funeral and the memorial, and there were pictures of Larry all over the place.

“I think we all just wanted to uphold his legacy and do something he’d be very proud of,” Brewster adds, “and I think he’d be proud of that episode. The writers did a beautiful job, because they had to work under so much pressure. Now we’re back down to working a couple of Saturdays here and there, but that’s what’s fun about the show airing while we’re still shooting. We’re really under the gun.”

The subtitle of the March 4 “Dallas” episode is “The Furious and the Fast” … no coincidence, since Brewster reprises her big-screen role as hard-driving Mia Toretto in “Fast & Furious 6,” slated to open Friday, May 24. As much as that character straddles the line between law observer and law breaker, Brewster enjoys seeing some of her “Dallas” co-stars do the same in their roles.

“Larry set the bar so high,” she reflects, “because he was such a villainous character, but so charming at the same time. I really love it when actors don’t play the villain in a one-note way, and Judith [Light] and Mitch [Pileggi] are just so much fun to watch. Their performances are so nuanced.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin