josh-henderson-larry-hagman-dallas-tnt.jpg“Dallas” will bid an on-screen farewell to J.R. Ewing following the death of Larry Hagman.

The show begins its second season on TNT Jan. 28, giving viewers a chance to see Hagman’s final performances of his most famous character. He died Nov. 23 at age 81 after filming several episodes of the show’s upcoming season.

TVLine reports that J.R.’s funeral will take place during the season’s eighth episode, which is set to air in March. It will likely include appearances by a number of characters from the first “Dallas,” possibly including some who haven’t yet popped up on TNT’s revival.

Hagman was one of three stars of the first “Dallas,” along with Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray, to join the new version last season. He was clearly having a blast reprising the evil J.R., to the point that he and his fellow veterans often upstaged the second-generation characters.

The show’s producers are keeping other details about J.R.’s death under wraps
Posted by:Rick Porter