dallas 'Dallas' recap: A Kick in the Cattle Baron's BallsChristopher and Rebecca decide to postpone their honeymoon so they can stick around and talk Bobby out of selling Southfork. Bobby remains set on selling it to the Del Sol Conservancy, but Marta del Sol has plans of her own. While outwardly working with Bobby, she’s secretly working with J.R. While she’s secretly working with J.R., she’s also extra secretly working with John Ross. Then it turns out she’s extra-super-duper secretly working some other agenda behind all their backs. J.R. gets impatient when Marta’s father, the head of the conservancy, doesn’t return his calls. So he scoots on down to Mexico to talk to the man himself, only to find out that the woman he’s been deal with isn’t even the real Marta del Sol.

Before all this, though, J.R. makes his re-debut at the annual Cattle Baron’s Ball. Bobby is surprised to learn J.R. isn’t mad about selling Southfork. J.R. makes fake-nice with Bobby and his little brother buys it. J.R. also makes nice (for real, probably) with Sue Ellen, who continues to look like she just stepped out of a women’s fitness magazine. Attendees at the ball encourage her to run for governor of our great state, laying out future plot lines of potential awesomeness.

Elena breaks up with John Ross over that whole email thing, but keeps him on as her business partner. This gets sticky when she also decides to work with Christopher on ways to drill for methane that aren’t so murderously prone to earthquakes. Or something. Honestly, everything involving that little love triangle is kind of a snooze so far. Possibly more interesting is the revelation that Christopher’s new bride and her brother are working some kind of long con on the Ewing family. Stay tuned for the full weecap.

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