dallas 'Dallas' recap: Dig, Dig, DigEverybody’s trying to blackmail everybody else. If that doesn’t say “family entertainment,” then I don’t know what does. First, J.R. confronts John Ross about the fake Del Sol deal. J.R. lets his son know in his own subtle (and awesomely scary) way that he is not to be screwed with and the two of them end up deciding to work together. They pay Mitch Lobell a little more money to keep the deal from Bobby, while also trying to dig up the dirt that will keep Lobell at bay. At the same time, Bobby decides not to sell Southfork after all, so J.R. and son step up their game. This involves digging up Miss Ellie’s old diary and threatening to expose her secrets to the world. Keep in mind that although J.R. and John Ross are both guilty, it’s only John Ross who’s na�ve enough to get his hands publicly dirty.

Bobby decides (again) to sell Southfork to keep his family from feuding over it. Christopher is angry as hell until his father reveals he has cancer. Hurt and confused, Christopher flings himself into Elena’s arms for a kiss, whereupon Tommy takes pictures and sends them to Rebecca. This is all part of an attempt to get his sister to spy on her new husband, but Rebecca actually seems to have fallen in love with Christopher for real. On the business side of things, Christopher and Elena find a way to make his methane project work and Cliff Barnes breezes back into town to invest in it. Christopher turns him down flat, but Cliff doesn’t seem discouraged.

In the end, John Ross’s private detective doesn’t find anything useful on Lobell, but he was able to somehow (possibly with magic) find out who really sent that triangle-busting email to Elena. It was — get ready for it — Rebecca! Before she ever even met Christopher! It’s actually kind of boring, but the show seems to think it’s pretty exciting. Stay tuned for the full weecap.

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