Television Without Pity

John Ross learns that Christopher put himself on the line with the Venezuelans to save his bacon. Touched, he figures out a way to get to the oil under Southfork without going against Miss Ellie’s wishes and thereby freeing Christopher from his dumb, dangerous obligations. Christopher, of course, misunderstands everything and throws a whiny tantrum. Bobby has a seizure that seems to be induced as much by his cancer treatment as by witnessing all the bickering. A trip to the hospital reveals that Bobby’s got a brain aneurysm that’s poised to explode at any moment. The possibility of Bobby’s death shocks everyone into acting like decent human beings.

John Ross seems especially affected. Desperate to put things right, he gets J.R. back into town and pleads with him to return Southfork to Bobby. J.R. dismisses that idea right away and even takes back his old suite at the ranch. Then he has a chat with his sickly baby brother who makes him realize that although he’s kind of a rotten bastard by nature, he occasionally does the right thing. He signs the deed back over to Bobby. Of course, not half a minute later does Bobby’s lawyer call and tell him they’ve finally found some info that might tie J.R. to the shady Del Sol deal. Bobby tells him to keep digging and almost instantly suffers another seizure.

In other subplots, Harris Ryland finds out about Sue Ellen’s foray into blackmail and aims to blackmail her right back. Christopher and John Ross decide to go into business together as Ewing Energies, with Elena as a partner. It has “doomed” written all over it. Christopher and Rebecca are starting to get closer but Tommy threatens to blow everything. He pressures her to help him steal Christopher’s methane doohickey. His mystery buyer turns out to be Frank Ashkani, who finally loses patience and ends their deal. Enraged, Tommy attacks Rebecca. She reaches for a gun. They struggle. A shot is fired… but who gets shot? Stay tuned for the full weecap.

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