dallas 'Dallas' recap: It Hits the FanThings pick up where they left off last week, with Rebecca sobbing to Christopher about the mystery email. She pins it on her brother Tommy and says she never knew the full extent of the trickery involved. Nobody believes her, even when Tommy, trying to salvage their con, takes all the blame. Just when everyone’s trying to recover from this little revelation, J.R. pops up to say, “Hi, I own Southfork now!” Bobby learns that Marta and the Del Sol Conservancy deal were both fakes. J.R., of course, has left himself a nice, clean path in this minefield of crap. He explains his part of the deal by saying he’d heard Cliff Barnes was going to buy Southfork for some nefarious purpose, so he swooped in and bought it instead. Why, he’s darned near a hero!

Bobby doesn’t believe him, but he’s not left with much recourse. His new lawyers (Mitch Lobell has fled town) say there’s nothing he can do unless they can prove J.R. was part of the trickery, or at least knew about it. When John Ross learns his daddy cut him out of the deal, his first instinct is to rat him out, but J.R. convinces him nothing has really changed. Just because John Ross’s name isn’t on the deed doesn’t mean he won’t inherit Southfork one day. In the meantime, J.R. leaves town for some mysterious reason and leaves John Ross in charge of the newly begun drilling operation.

Christopher decides he wants to fight fire with fire — or dirt with dirt. He sneaks into John Ross’s condo and finds the homemade sex tape Marta left behind. Remember when she drugged John Ross and secretly recorded their roll in the hay? It’s pretty tame, considering the lengths she went to. The only naughty thing about it is that John Ross calls her by her real name while in the throes of ecstasy, which sort of implicates him in the shady deal. Christopher doesn’t want to hurt Elena, since she sort of believes John Ross to be a decent fellow, so he doesn’t expose the recording outright. Instead, he sort of threatens John Ross with it. He’s not very convincing at fighting dirty. Stay tuned for the full weecap and a potentially far more interesting plot involving Ann and her creepy-hot ex-husband.

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