dallas 'Dallas' recap: Mysteries of the Texas Justice SystemThe police formally charge John Ross with the murder of Marta/Victoria. For some reason, John Ross doesn’t ask for a lawyer. Instead, he only talks to Elena, so that he can tell her he confronted Marta after he thought she would hurt her. He denies having any other dealings with her and for some reason, nobody searches his home for evidence to the contrary. For some reason, he also “can’t make bail,” so he ends up in the county jail. It’s all kind of weird and not very well explained. Vicente is not pleased because John Ross can’t drill oil while he’s in the pokey, so he gets some inmates to beat him to a pulp. At some point, John Ross realizes that Vicente is behind Marta’s murder and that he has the secret camera recording that could exonerate him.

While John Ross recuperates in the hospital, the rest of the Ewing family rallies to his aid. When Vicente threatens to take Southfork, even Bobby decides it’s time to start drilling on Miss Ellie’s land. The plan is to pay off Vicente by honoring his shady deal with J.R., but wussy little Christopher finally makes himself useful and offers up his methane, instead. Vicente is placated, at least for now, and hands over the secret recording. Alas, this happens too late for Sue Ellen, who has bribed and blackmailed the medical examiner who’s in charge of Marta’s autopsy. The doc rules it a suicide when it’s clearly not and everything promises to explode in Sue Ellen’s face like a freshly tapped oil well.

All these troubles have made Christopher realize that life is too short to be mad… or something… so he decides to give Rebecca another chance. He has a background check run on her and it comes up clean, which seems to surprise even Rebecca. Christopher asks her if she’s keeping any other secrets and she totally lies and says she isn’t. There’s a big Tommy-shaped secret that threatens to ruin everything… with sexy results! Stay tuned for the full weecap.

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