dallas 'Dallas' recap: So You Think You Can DanceBoy, John Ross is really deep into it, isn’t he? It’s hard to feel sorry for him when he brought most of his troubles on himself. Plus, it’s actually entertaining, which is more than can be said for some of the show’s other storylines. To start with, his cousin Christopher is still chasing after his girlfriend Elena. Then there’s his father, who’s still out of town and not returning any of his calls. Vicente grows ever more impatient about the drilling delays. He tells John Ross a story about a Venezuelan waltz that somehow becomes a metaphor for how ill-prepared John Ross is for all of this. To buy himself some time, he tells Vicente that Marta skimmed off money from the Southfork sale. When Marta is pursued by Vicente’s men, she pretends to kidnap Elena in order to get John Ross to meet with her. He shows up, argues with her, notices the camera she’s using to record everything and gets even angrier. Just as he leaves, the Venezuelans show up to toss Marta out the nearest window to her death. John Ross gapes at her dead body in front of a shocked crowd, then flees the scene in the guiltiest-looking way possible. He makes it home just long enough to give Elena a hug before the cops cart him away.

Now, for the rest of the show: Rebecca vomits in the middle of thanking Elena for all her help. Elena figures out she’s pregnant and later tells Christopher when he shows up on her doorstep trying to be her boyfriend again. He pouts and stamps his feet and demands Rebecca agree to a paternity test. Ann is really mad at Christopher about all of it, like something about this hits home for her. It turns out that not only is Christopher the father, but she’s having twins. As to why Ann seemed to take Rebecca’s side so vehemently, we get another hint about her past. Harris Ryland files charges against Bobby for assaulting him in his office last week. He offers to drop the charges in exchange for an apology. When Bobby sits down for his dinner of crow, Ryland gives him an envelope full of Ann’s secrets. Bobby tells Ann about it, tells her he loves her, and then drops the envelope into the fireplace without opening it. As the envelope burns away, it reveals an old photograph of Ann holding a baby.

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