pileggi light dallas 592 'Dallas' Season 3, episode 2    'Trust Me': Ryland's mother plays tough with drug cartel

You might be able to pull the wool over some people’s eyes, but you can’t fool your mama.

Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) proved that at the start of “Trust Me,” Monday’s (March 2) new episode of TNT’s “Dallas.” She hired her late husband J.R’s right-hand man, Bum (Kevin Page), to conduct surveillance on her son John Ross (Josn Henderson) … convinced he was cheating on new wife Rebecca (Julie Gonzalo) with Emma (Emma Bell).

Back at the Ryland family home, Emma was surprised to see her father Harris (Mitch Pilleggi) out of prison. He wasted no time accusing her of stealing his files and setting up his incarceration, then warned he would have to return her to “a secure, therapeutic setting” — ostensibly to keep her safe, but really to prevent her from trying to assume his corporate power again.

Emma cautioned John Ross that meant an end to the deal they’d made for him to buy needed ships from her, and he responded that they’d just have to find a way to put her father back in jail. As she began to put amorous moves on John Ross, he said, “This is not the time for romance, darlin.’ I’ve got business to tend to.” Her reply: “Don’t flatter yourself, ‘darlin’.’ It’s just the price of doing business with me.”

John Ross then placed a call to Bum — who secretly was extremely close by, spying on John Ross and Emma — and asked him to help get Ryland arrested again. “You seem a little out of breath,” Bum responded, knowing exactly why.

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Still wondering if the shale deposits on Southfork had shifted into the part of the property John Ross owns, Bobby was shocked to learn Harris Ryland was a free man again. He and wife Ann (Brenda Strong) met with an attorney who’d been involved in the matter; suspecting payoffs set Ryland loose, Bobby vowed to take down “everyone who was involved in this. Everyone.”

At the Ewing Global offices, Rebecca saw John Ross flirting with a secretary as Trevino (Juan Pablo Di Pace) paid a visit. Christopher invited him to a Ewing-family barbecue that weekend, and Elena (Jordana Brewster) wasn’t happy to learn he’d be attending. Her Southfork-cook mother Carmen (Marlene Forte) knew his checkered history, and if they encountered each other, it wouldn’t be pretty.

John Ross tried to sway Ewing engineer Howard (guest star Christian Clemenson) his way by  calling him a “seismic superstar” … and giving him a hefty payoff to steer a study of the shale location his way. Returning home, John Ross got a warning from a seething Rebecca: “If I ever find out you’ve been stepping out on me, God’s wrath will be the least of your worries.”

Heather (AnnaLynne McCord) also wasn’t happy, worried that the possible fracking on Southfork would reduce available land for cattle and cost her ranch-hand job. Christopher calmed her down by telling her, “You’re pretty cute when you’re angry,” and asking her to attend the barbecue.

Elena gave the news of Trevino attending the event to Carmen, who realized instantly that his involvement with Cliff Barnes had to be “about destroying the Ewings. And I will not be part of that.”

Ryland also had mother problems as Judith (Judith Light) returned home from a rehab hospital. Emma wryly declared they were “one big happy family again,” and after she left the room, Ryland said Emma couldn’t be trusted. The ever-steely Judith vowed to keep Emma “under control,” adding she was taking over Ryland Transportation again — and wanting a meeting with the Mexican drug smugglers her son was dealing with.

Though Ryland didn’t think that was a good idea, Judith reminded him that she had been “dealing with psychopaths and criminals while you were playing with your Easy-Bake Oven.”

At the barbecue, Sue Ellen, Emma and Rebecca all witnessed John Ross continuing to be a Texas-sized flirt. “In the old days, these things could end up in fist-fighting,” said Sue Ellen to Ann, who replied, “It’s still early.”

Heather showed up and immediately asked Christopher to dance a two-step with her, with Rebecca then inviting Trevino to dance with her — in plain view of John Ross, at whom she shot a knowing, getting-even look.

Later, Christopher offered to pay Trevino twice what Cliff was, if Trevino would let part of Ewing Global be sold to finance the desired Arctic oil leases. Trevino expressed interest in working closely with Elena, realizing Christopher was the “serious relationship” she’d just gotten out of.

Going into the Ewing kitchen, Trevino talked with Carmen, who said she remembered him only as “the wayward boy we took in.” He told her, “Trust me,” but she countered that “trust is for children” and warned him not to lead her own children “into the darkness.”

Meanwhile, Elena snuck into Bobby’s den and plugged a device into his computer to download information. When she emerged, Trevino asked her to show him the sights of Dallas; Christopher advised, “Don’t go with him,” but she suggested she’d use the trip to ply him for more inside information.

Heather then thanked Christopher for inviting her — by giving him a deep kiss. “I’m direct,” she confirmed, adding that she thought the two of them could have “a helluva lot of fun together” if he was interested.

Howard had told Bobby about John Ross’ bribe, but the results of his shale study still favored John Ross as the owner. Christopher tried to forestall the fracking by saying he was sure Trevino and Cliff were up to something else together, and Bobby asked Christopher to pursue that.

Elena and Trevino thought they might have found a red flag in a Ewing e-mail referencing a woman who testified against Cliff in J.R.’s death, while Bum came clean to John Ross about conducting surveillance on him … strongly suggesting that John Ross pursue his father’s “greatness, not his weakness.”

In Mexico, Ryland and Judith met with the drug smugglers, whom Judith told she was “now in control” of their dealings. Not flinching as the lead smuggler frisked her, she renegotiated their deal, then sampled the drugs in question. “Mama like,” she stated, though the lead smuggler threatened that any other disruption of their operation could prove “fatal.”

Bobby received a message, apparently from a senator wanting to meet about Ryland having been released, but he and Ann were intercepted by armed strangers who ordered them to “come with us.” Driven to a dark location, they were told to stop investigating Ryland, “or people are going to start dying.”

Ryland himself stepped out of the shadows, and the others in the room revealed that they were with the CIA — and that Ryland was working with them, since the smugglers also were plotting against the Mexican government. He underscored that Bobby’s probe needed to stop, explaining to Ann that if the felons found out about it, “they’ll kill both you and Emma.”