henderson gonzalo dallas 59 'Dallas' Season 3, episode 6: John Ross confirms the adage 'Like Father, Like Son'

John Ross Ewing (Josh Henderson) maintains he’s not following in the footsteps of his late dad, J.R., but evidence suggests otherwise.
He furnished a major new piece in “Like Father, Like Son,” Monday’s (March 31) tellingly titled episode of TNT’s “Dallas.” The hour opened with him confronting Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) about her collusion with Bobby (Patrick Duffy) to deny him the permit to drill on Southfork Ranch.
He claimed he wasn’t emotionally involved with Emma (Emma Bell) and only using her to get the ships the company needs. but Sue Ellen countered about his wife (Julie Gonzalo): “You think it’s going to hurt any less when Pamela finds out?” Accused by his mother of being “drunk with power,” he retorted, “I may be … but you? You’re just drunk.”
Advising John Ross to go easy on Sue Ellen, who wanted to keep him off “the J.R. road,” Bobby found himself asked why he was even at the office now that he was the new railroad commissioner. He told John Ross that though he had divested his company shares and given them to Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe), he planned to do much telecommuting and retain his office at Ewing Global.
A chat with Christopher prompted Elena (Jordana Brewster) to warn Trevino (Juan Pablo Di Pace) that the Ewings were on to him, but he told her to “stay the course” and get Pamela to turn against John Ross.
Trevino did his part by seemingly offering to help John Ross get the Arctic drilling leases, claiming he was having a hard time following Cliff Barnes’ “agenda.” They toasted their new alliance and agreed to get a “real drink” after work — prompting Elena to invite Pamela for a girls’ night out, including Emma as well.
Finishing up late at the office before meeting John Ross, Trevino ran into Bobby, who suggested Trevino might use his subsidiary companies to help Ewing Global secure its needed capital … “or,” Bobby suggested, “maybe you’ll find the railroad commission is not as friendly as before.” Trevino made it clear he recognized that as a veiled threat, telling Bobby, “Give it your best shot.”
Out on the town, John Ross encountered his secretary Candice (Jude Demorest), who said there was “a lot more of you I’d like to see outside the office.” He brushed her off and got down to talking business with Trevino but was distracted by a loud and playful Hunter McKay (guest star Fran Kranz), grandson of J.R.’s old nemesis Carter McKay.
Reluctantly accepting an invitation to join him, John Ross learned Hunter had become a video-game magnate and took his firm public — which, Hunter noted, gave him the ability to “buy up the controlling interest in the company.” John Ross clearly registered that fact.
Reassured during her own night out by Elena and (ironically) Emma that John Ross never would cheat on her with Candice, Pamela was greeted at home by John Ross’ promise that he had “a way to solve all of our problems,” but he”d need her help. “We’re partners,” Pamela replied.
Elena had another partner, a private investigator named Jasper (guest star Cynthia Addal-Robinson) newly hired to determine if John Ross was “a cheating husband.” At Ewing Global, the detective conned Candice into leaving her desk long enough for a surveillance device to be planted in John Ross’ office.
Happy that the drilling had been stopped on Southfork and that she had her job back, Heather (AnnaLynne McCord) started to show Christopher her gratitude romantically, but her ex Bo (Donny Boaz) turned up and dropped off their young son Michael (guest star Dallas — yes, Dallas — Clark). Since she was working, Heather went to call a sitter, but Christopher offered to take the boy to the office and watch him.
John Ross told Sue Ellen of his idea to take Ewing Global public, seeking support with her vote that would help him get a super-majority. “Is it really over between you and Emma?” she asked. He assured her it was, and she said she would give him her vote.
Then John Ross sought the vote of Trevino, who hesitated, knowing that betraying Cliff’s wishes was “a dangerous proposition.” John Ross assured him “the results will be worth the risks,” stressing that they both wanted “freedom from those who hold us back.”
At day’s end, Christopher deposited a sleeping Michael in Heather’s car. He offered them financial support, but Heather said, “I thought we were supposed to be keeping this casual.” When Christopher professed he wasn’t good at that, she admitted as they embraced, “Whatever this is, I’m gonna like it.”
Prompted by a Ryland text message, Candice entered John Ross’ office and asked if he needed anything before she left … then closed the door and took off her blouse. Again, he rebuffed her; however, Sue Ellen saw her walking out of the office and assumed the worst, especially when Candice passed by and suggestively said, “That son of yours is somethin’ else.”
Still seeking to derail the Ewings, Trevino suggested to Elena that he appear to support John Ross in the vote, “then we steal Ewing Global out from under him.” Another surprise developed when the vote actually was taken, though. Bobby and Christopher expectedly opposed John Ross, Pamela and Trevino supported him, and — thinking about his apparent infidelity — Sue Ellen ultimately voted “no,” denying him his super-majority.
When he returned to Southfork, a furious John Ross found Sue Ellen drinking heavily and telling him she saw Candice emerge from his office. He maintained nothing happened, and she stated that she didn’t believe him … and that he was a liar like his father. “I am not my father!,” he screamed tearfully, and he challenged Sue Ellen to take responsibility for her own actions if he did the same.
Heading outside, John Ross phoned someone and asked for a favor. It turned out to be Emma, who met him at his office with a file he wanted — but she wasn’t willing to hand it over immediately. “It’s always about you,” she said, “your schedule, your needs. But I have needs, too.” And he responded to her “come here” motion.
The results were seen elsewhere later: A text from Jasper tipped off a shocked Elena, who watched via e-mail and also heard Emma tell John Ross when their intimate encounter was over, “Now go home and kiss your wife.” 
The file Emma brought contained potentially scandalous photos of Judge Henry Blackwell (guest star Rick Herod), whom John Ross blackmailed into issuing a court order to have Sue Ellen taken in for psychiatric evaluation … not unlike J.R. having her committed to a sanitarium to serve his purposes many years ago.
John Ross watched as a police officer and EMTs took his mother away from the ranch in an ambulance. Afterward, he claimed to Bobby, Ann (Brenda Strong) and Christopher that he and an intoxicated Sue Ellen had a huge fight and he’d had to call the police. 
“What have you done?,” an instantly suspicious Bobby asked. John Ross quickly added that with Sue Ellen now incapacitated, he had her power of attorney and would use it to take Ewing Global public — “and there’s not a damn thing you can do to stop me.”
Posted by:Jay Bobbin