josh henderson dallas 750 'Dallas' Season 3, episode 7: 'Like a Bad Penny,' John Ross makes another bid to control Ewing Global

The sins of the past have a way of resurfacing in the present, especially for those in “Dallas.”
Drew Ramos (Kuno Becker) was a prime example of that in “Like a Bad Penny,” Monday’s (April 7) episode of the TNT drama series. Still wracked with guilt, he phoned his sister Elena (Jordana Brewster) and told her it was time for him to come back from Mexico and turn himself in for the explosion that caused Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) to miscarry her and Christopher’s (Jesse Metcalfe) babies.
Elena believed she’d talked Drew out of it, with Trevino (Juan Pablo Di Pace) cautioning her that Drew’s reappearance could “ruin all our plans.” Trevino then handed her a file he guaranteed would get Christopher off their backs if she relayed it.¬†
Bobby (Patrick Duffy) and Ann (Brenda Strong) lobbied to get Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) released from the psychiatric facility John Ross (Josh Henderson) had her committed to. Her doctor (guest star Gail Cronauer) said a ruling would be needed from the judge who signed the court order, while a clearly jittery Sue Ellen was not faring well among the other patients.
John Ross fired his flirtatious secretary Candice (Jude Demorest), and after she passed Bum (Kevin Page) on her way out, John Ross asked him to look into her background. It wasn’t the only time she’d get pink-slipped that day: Her secret employer Ryland (Mitch Pileggi) also let her go, since she was “of no use” to him now. He told her to leave the dress he’d wanted her to use to get John Ross’ DNA.
At home, John Ross told Pamela he might have “overreacted” in having Sue Ellen taken away — but he added, “I can’t ever trust my mother again.” He then told Pamela his idea to partner with a sheik, with whom J.R. had unfinished dealings, to acquire the Arctic leases. The diplomat was coming to Las Vegas for a high-stakes poker game, and John Ross would do his own dealing there.
Christopher was handed the file Trevino had given Elena to pass along, filled with supposed information on Trevino’s earlier life. Christopher asked her, “You really like this guy, don’t you?” When she affirmed she did, he lamented that her job at Ewing Global seemed to be pushing her even farther away from him.
A moving van crossed the border from Mexico into Texas. The driver got out and opened the back, and from behind several boxes emerged part of his “cargo”: Drew.
Later, he waited in the office parking garage for Christopher, who warned him to leave immediately. When he didn’t, Christopher began hitting him relentlessly, envisioning Pamela on the day of the explosion, Finally, the punches stopped as Christopher reasoned to Drew, “If I have to live with this pain, so do you.”
Waiting for Candice at her apartment, Emma was stunned to learn she’d been working for Ryland as well as John Ross. When Emma went to her father to find out why, he explained it was to protect her by exposing John Ross for the person he really was. When Emma maintained she and John Ross “understand each other,” Ryland showed her photos that pictured John Ross with an underage woman on his wedding day.
In Vegas to meet with the sheik, John Ross and Pamela were greeted instead by his son, Prince Nasir (guest star Pej Vahdat) — who said no such meeting would take place, since the sheik had been disrespected in not being contacted sooner by the Ewings about completing the negotiations begun by J.R. before his death.
John Ross and Pamela went to the poker game anyway, and she bought his way into it with her earrings, which had belonged to Catherine the Great. As the game proceeded and the stakes rose, John Ross offered the watch J.R. gave him. He eventually lost, supoosedly, but told the other players he hoped to be worthy of his father’s legacy one day.
Outside, Pamela told John Ross she knew he threw the game and purposely lost the watch, which John Ross said was “an albatross around my neck. Without it, maybe I’ll be free to be my own man.”
Heather (AnnaLynne McCord) tended to Christopher’s bloodied hands after his beating of Drew, and when he said he wanted his own family some day, she suggested that “maybe that’s why we found each other.”
Soon after, her drunken ex Bo (Donny Boaz) showed up at her door to tell her, “I want my wife back.” Upon seeing Christopher inside, his rage soared and he took a swing — but missed his swift-footed target and fell. Christopher then told Heather he’d drive Bo home.
The next day, Christopher went to give Bo his keys and added that he’d be glad to help Bo get back his job at Southfork Ranch, but Bo rejected the offer of “charity” — as well as the “lecture” about getting his act together. Christopher replied, “Suit yourself.”
Sue Ellen’s doctor told Bobby and Ann the judge had left it up to the facility to determine when Sue Ellen could be released, but there was fear of liability if she was let go before having “proper detox treatments.” Bobby and Ann assumed the responsibility for Sue Ellen, telling her they were bringing her back to Southfork to recover — but noted that since they now knew of her secret drinking, she would have to tell “the truth from now on.”
Emma went back to Candice to ask why Ryland had wanted her to seduce John Ross, and she learned of the effort to get the DNA on the dress. When Emma returned to her room at Southfork later, she had the dress.
Bobby’s next counter-strike against John Ross was to ask stock-expert friend Calvin Hanna (guest star Jonathan Adams) to oversee Ewing Global’s public offering. John Ross resisted, until he saw the newly released Sue Ellen and realized he no longer had control of her shares. He seemed to agree to the family’s plan, but Bobby assured Calvin that John Ross would be coming after him.
Finding Drew at her home, Elena saw he’d discovered documents proving to him that “the Ewings took everything from our family.” As he stormed out, Elena worried what he might do, and she felt she and Trevino should cut their losses before they became “something we don’t want to become.”
She didn’t know Trevino already had gotten there: After she hesitated to send Pamela surveillance video of John Ross and Emma getting intimate, Trevino got a copy and e-mailed it to Pamela anonymously. She didn’t see it at the moment it arrived, being in the midst of a night of passion with John Ross.
Just before that, John Ross was summoned to the Southfork front gate to find Prince Nasir, who returned J.R.’s watch — “You were humble enough to know you were wrong, and brave enough to risk something you cared deeply about to prove it” — and said the sheik would give John Ross the capital to secure the controlling interest in Ewing Global.
Someone else also was after that interest, too. Trevino met with video-game-wealthy Hunter McKay (guest star Fran Kranz) to get his support to “take down the Ewings,” then they went to see the Mexican drug cartel, promising them eventual ownership of Ewing Global through which to launder their profits.
The cartel responded by threatening to harm Trevino’s children if things didn’t work out their way … but he still wanted something from them, asking for their help in locating Drew.
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