DirecTV has released a teaser for the final season of “Damages,” and while it doesn’t reveal anything about the story, it does strongly imply that however the series ends, it won’t be great for Ellen Parsons.

The 20-second spot starts on a rooftop, then quickly descends to the alley below, where we see a phone, a purse, part of a leg, an arm — it’s a debris field, basically. Ominous “Jaws”-meets-“Inception” music plays as the camera pans over to Ellen’s (Rose Byrne) seemingly lifeless face. Ouch.

Season 4 of “Damages” ended with Ellen and Patty Hewes (Glenn Close) on the outs — for real — and Season 5 promises to put them on opposing sides of a case. The central mystery will revolve around the operator of a Wikileaks-esque website (Ryan Phillippe); Jenna Elfman, John Hannah and Janet McTeer will also figure into the story.

The final season of “Damages” premieres July 11 on DirecTV.

Posted by:Rick Porter