We do an awful lot of flashing backward and forward on tonight's Damages. I half-expect a ginger-haired Brit named Charlotte to appear and start bleeding from her nose. There's also a decent cliffhanger at the end, so let's get right to it, shall we?

Patty Hewes and Walter Kendrick

Patty Hewes goes on FOX News and accuses Walter Kendrick, CEO of Ultima

National Resources, of trying to get away with anything he can. She

claims that a toxin called Aricite is being used in West Virginia and

is poisoning people. She flat-out says he murdered Christine Purcell.

She tells Tom to dig around on Claire Maddox. He finds out she was

hand-picked by Kendrick to join the Ultima legal department and she

rose very fast within the ranks. There are also unsubstantiated rumors

of her involvement with Walter Kendrick.

Tom questions her strategy to accuse Kendrick of murder on national TV.

She states she was trying to drive down their stock price, which is

exactly what happened. Ms. Hewes is then served papers regarding being

sued by Kendrick for defamation for $200 million.

Claire and Tom go head-to-head in the initial meeting, arguing that

what Ms. Hewes said was the truth so it can't be defamation. Tom says

if they pursue this case, the only choice is to prove the murder

accusation. Claire responds that if they can't prove Kendrick was

responsible, it'll cost them $200 million.

Later that night, Kendrick gives a clandestine note to Walker

(creepy-ass Darrell Hammond) and tells him cryptically to "use the keys

[he] gave [him.]" We only see Walker again as he keys in some latitude/longitude coordinates on his car's GPS. Hmmmm.

Kendrick meets the next day with Claire, who thinks Patty's

real goal is to file a lawsuit on behalf of their shareholders because

the stock fell. Claire thinks they should settle, but Kendrick says no.

Claire comes back at him with, "Don't give her any more time to find a

plaintiff." His response? To invite her to dinner, saying she'll have

his answer by dessert. Typical man.

At dinner, Kendrick introduces Claire to Mitch McCullam, who seems to

take quite the shine to her. She tells Kendrick she'd've worn a shorter

skirt if she'd known she was being pimped out. Hmph. Kendrick then

tells her to settle with Hewes.

Later, Claire shacks up with the waiter from the restaurant. Rowr! The

next day, they settle on $5 million donated to Kendrick's preferred

charity, which Claire cites as the NRA. Heh heh heh. The real charity

is Environment First, a West Virginia organization.

After the meeting, Claire is served with papers. They are being sued by

Patty Hewes on behalf of a major shareholder. That shareholder? Arthur

Frobisher. Turns out his chance meeting with Kendrick at the ballet was

what pushed Kendrick into suing her for defamation. Nice.

Awesome Throwaway Scene Not a Throwaway Scene

Arthur Frobisher runs into Walter Kendrick at the ballet. They discuss

the intrepid Ms. Hewes. Arthur advises Walter not to engage with Hewes.

His advice? When she straps one on… bend over, bite down and just

take it. Snerk.  After Arthur leaves, Walter instructs Claire Maddox to

"sue the bitch."

Katie and Ellen
Katie gives Ellen the security deposit from her and David's apartment. Their stuff is packed and ready to be moved. Later, Katie calls Ellen to come get her from the police station. She was robbed after getting off the subway. At the station, she sees a cop who looks just like her stalker from last year when Mrs. Frobisher wanted her to sign the confidentiality agreement. Ellen tells her they will get to the bottom of this.

Ellen turns to Patty for help and gets Patty's full-throated support. The cop, meanwhile, is sweating. Mr. Cheeseburger tells him, essentially, to sit down and shut up.

Ellen takes her sad journey back to her and David's apartment. She flashes back to finding him murdered in the tub and is then gets a package David bought before he was killed. The card reads, "When the Frobisher case is over, I'm taking you away. Somewhere with palm trees. I love you. Always, David." It's her wedding present but she can't bring herself to open it.

Later, Katie waits outside the Internal Affairs Bureau building, as Mr. Cheeseburger watches from a nearby car. Suddenly, we flash-forward 4 months to him watching Ellen leave her building from a parked car across the street. What a creeper. He might as well drive a windowless van and offer candy to children. Anyway, it appears that Cheezy follows Ellen upstairs in her building and lets himself into her apartment. Creepy.

Back in real time, Katie tells Ellen that she filed a complaint with the Citizens' Review Board. Ellen tells Katie her creepy cop is Elliot Tolkian, who has been disciplined half a dozen times for illegal use of force. They just have to find a way to connect him to Frobisher. Katie can't believe Ellen wants to rely on Patty Hewes for this, since if she'd never met Patty then David would still be alive. Katie storms out.

The next day, Ellen finds out about them suing Kendrick, but Patty doesn't tell Ellen that it's Frobisher who is suing.

And meanwhile, in a deserted alley, Mr. Cheeseburger shoots Elliot Tolkian and we flashback to the two of them beating David Connor to death. We then flash-forward 4 months to Moore back at Ellen's apartment. She's in the shower and he has a gun with a silencer. And Fade. To. Black.

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