Curse you, Damages. You just keep sucking me in. There were twists and turns this week that I never saw coming. This entire episode threw me off balance, in a good way, and now I have no idea what’s going on. At this point, I can officially declare myself "addicted."

(Stop now if you don’t want to know what happened.)

Instead of a flash-forward to the future, after David’s murder, things started off this week with a flashback. A flashback to, as the garish, flashing letters indicated, PALM BEACH FLA 2002. Okay, calm down, I get it! If the intention was to make me feel like I was having a bad drug trip, then congratulations, Damages, you succeeded. So we saw Katie slam shots at a club, meet Greg, snort some coke, hear some gunshots, and then see some guy get into Frobisher’s limo in the parking lot. All of that, and what she chose to tell, was the substance of her deposition by Fiske, the center of this episode.

After a disastrous trial run, in which Katie allowed herself to get flustered by questions about rehab, cocaine addiction, and her abortion, Katie did almost well in the real deposition. She admitted the sex and drugs up front, hoping to embarrass Fiske, but he caught her in a lie. He proved that the man she claimed to see entering Frobisher’s limo, one of Frobisher’s broker’s assistants, was in Atlantic City at the same time. So where’d she get the name? Blame Greg.

Ah, Greg. At first he looked like just your average, garden-variety jerk. He gave Katie the name of the guy he said they saw in Palm Beach so that she could use it in her deposition. But he still wasn’t willing to testify, lest his wife find out or — this is true — he turn into another Kato Kaelin. Really? I’d think the fact that people still know who Kato Kaelin is means that things have turned out pretty well for Kato. Whatever, it doesn’t matter, because Greg is actually a lying jerk. He’s not married, and he fed Katie the name on purpose to make her perjure herself. I should have known, but it was still a surprise. How naïve I was, thinking Greg was just an ordinary jerk. There are no ordinary jerks on this show — only lying, cheating, manipulating jerks.

Apparently, Greg’s been acting on the orders of some guy pushing around a baby in a stroller, who was there at the house in Palm Beach with them. Yeah, I don’t know what’s going on with this yet. Probably stroller guy is a Frobisher employee, because Greg owned Frobisher stock before the collapse. Otherwise, no idea, although I do kind of fear for the baby.

Interestingly, everything’s going according to plan for Patty, who always wanted to embarrass Katie under oath. Fiske won’t think they have anything, and they’ll pull the settlement offer, which is good news somehow. Okay, I didn’t see that coming either. I don’t know why I didn’t expect that Patty’s plan was much more intricate and devious than simply hiring Ellen to get at her friend. Makes me wonder what else she’s got planned, and what she’ll do when someone refuses to act according to plan.

Like Tom, who’s taking a job with another firm. There’s no denying that Patty is very good at manipulating people to get what she wants, but occasionally you have to recommend someone’s daughter for a private school and not make him look like an unemployed loser to get what you want. I’m just saying. I’m actually looking forward to the scene in which Tom breaks it to Patty that he’s taken another job, because I think Patty might actually defenestrate him — if it wasn’t her idea that he take it in the first place. Hmm.

Also, I really didn’t think last week’s revelation that Ellen and David had broken off the engagement at the time of the murder was much of a DUN! moment, but now that it turns out that David will probably be having an affair? That changes things. This week, David got chatted up by the granddaughter of one of his patients at the hospital. There was some mild flirting over Cassavetes and Jack Benny, and Lila got him tickets to the Cassavetes retrospective, and then there was a nighttime tryst. I’d been waiting and waiting for some flicker of interest to appear around David, and it’s finally happened. The good doctor — okay, really, the bland doctor — is starting to go bad. Maybe now I’ll actually care that he ends up dead.

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Posted by:Lori Brown