judi dench gi Dame Judi Dench: I'm not going blindA recent interview, Dame Judi Dench talked about her diagnosis with macular degeneration, saying she’d lost some of her eyesight and sharing her difficulty reading scripts. But in a new statement to Reuters, Dench wants to make it clear that the condition is not something that will cause her to lose her sight.

“This condition is something that thousands and thousands of people all over the world are having to contend with. It’s something that I have learnt to cope with and adapt to — and it will not lead to blindness.”

Macular degeneration is, according to the NIH, an age-related condition that affects the part of the eye that allows one to see fine detail. It can come in two forms: wet, which causes blurry vision and dry, which causes blindspots.

“I had wet in one eye and dry in the other and they had to do these injections and I think it’s arrested it. I hope so,” Dench tells the Daily Mirror.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson