jack kate hurley series finale the end 320 Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse, Jimmy Kimmel: TV Tweets of the past 24 hours, 'Lost' editionThe wild, weird and insane television tweets of the
past 24 hours, “Lost” edition.


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About an hour before the “Lost” series finale aired on the east coast, executive producer Carlton Cuse sent a message to fans: @CarltonCuse: Enjoy tonight.
And thanks for all your love and support for the last six years. You’ve
lifted us up.

After the finale had finished on the west coast, co-creator Damon Lindelof said a few words:
@DamonLindelof: Remember. Let go.
Move on. I will miss it more than I can ever say

Jimmy Kimmel — who hosted a special edition of his show after the series ender — is shocked by the show’s conclusion: @jimmykimmel: just saw the Lost
finale…I NEVER would have guessed they were inside a video game. Holy

Former “Lost” star Dominic Monaghan bids the series farewell: @DominicMonaghan: Sad to say goodbye to LOST, but hoping fans have
enjoyed the adventure.

As a J.J. Abrams show alum, Kevin Weisman (“Alias”) had a personal connection to “Lost”: @kevinweisman: that’s all folks #LOST. surprisingly emotional..kudos to my peeps who work
on the show.

Jason Berger (“Psych”) doesn’t have patience for the haters: @jayberger: You mean a show
-that at its core was about characters losing faith- ends with a
character finding his faith wasn’t enough for you?

@jayberger: So we’re not
supposed to enjoy the journey and just bitch about the destination?

@jayberger: Ohhhh, why is Walt
old? Oh that’s answer you wanted. Sorry, we were watching different
shows. My bad.

Seth Meyers (“SNL”), we are so with you on this: @sethmeyers21: My relationship
with Lost was Jack/Kate. Ups and downs but in the end I would make out
with it on a cliff.

Ming-Na (“Stargate Universe”) sums it up: @MingNa: I really loved #Lost ‘s finale. It’s nice
to see those amazing actors, I mean characters, smiling & reunited. I
will miss them. Bravo!

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