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As has become customary, Dan Harmon followed up his weekend rant with a weekday apology. This time, the focus of the apology is on Harmon’s criticism of “Community” Season 4 and the writer’s use of offensive humor — including a rape joke — in the process.

Fortunately for all, Dan Harmon’s apologies are pretty much as entertaining as the original rants that inspired them.

During his “Harmontown” podcast on Sunday (June 16), the “Community” creator spent an extended period of time discussing Season 4 of his show. Harmon had been fired by the show’s producer, Sony, at the end of Season 3, leaving Season 4 in the hands of other showrunners. Recently hired back for the show’s surprising fifth season, Harmon only just watched his missed year shortly before the podcast.

Harmon was not impressed. He said so. While the man’s complaints were supremely entertaining, some fans were — justifiably — offended by Harmon’s dismissal of a season and by some of his more questionable jokes.

Now, Harmon has apologized. In a blog post titled “It Won’t Happen Again Again” written on Tuesday (June 18), the writer offers many paragraphs of apologies to all who may have been bothered by the original rant.

You can read the entire apology here. Alternatively, here are some of the highlights:

“I’m apoloblogging in an effort to counteract pain I caused other people. Not because I think what I have to say is important – this is one of those days when I’m definitely fantasizing about getting less attention. And less money, and less oxygen, and, like, getting run over by a bus and stuff. But while I accidentally have your attention, I want to use it to say things I would have and should have said instead of what I did say.”

“After five seconds of thinking, I realized, as usual, that other people might be hurt, and that I really need to do this whole ‘saying things and thinking about other people’ cycle in a different order at some point.”

“I am first and foremost sorry to ‘Community’ fans that got paid nothing to stick by ‘Community’ and get us to a fifth season only to hear the incoming showrunner say some stuff that felt very un-‘Community.’ Even if my goal had been to hurt someone, it would never have been you … I’m realizing what makes me unlikable is that I haven’t made the leap from ‘caring what people think about me’ to ‘caring about people’ … But I do know, every minute of every day, that I owe you folks what I consider to be my life and guarantee you that every time I’ve pissed you off it’s been on accident. And to keep from hurting you, I’m going to try thinking about you before saying things into microphones.”

“Next I want to apologize to the people that did get paid to work on that season, but not enough: the cast and crew … It was dishonest to imply that something you worked on was as hard to watch as my family being  assaulted. I was riffing and tried to turn darkness into levity through shock and hyperbole. I was very much not thinking about anyone but myself while watching that season, which was the crime. I hope over time you’ll forgive me. I wasn’t thinking about your contribution or describing it. I was just indulging my petty feelings about being left out.”

“Thirdly, because they got paid more, but still not enough, the season 4 writers. I’m sorry I pooped on your work. You had to do something nobody should have to attempt, and you had the option of doing it the lazy way or the sellout way and you clearly did what you did because you were thinking of the fans … Don’t tell anyone I said this but all writers are better people than all non-writers. Nobody read that unless you’re a writer … I’ll see you in Hell, where, don’t tell anybody I said this but is where I believe all writers go because we make God jealous.”

“This is a subject that is, and should be, insanely volatile and provocative, because it combines the words ‘rape’ and ‘joke.’ It puts them right next to each other, it’s like putting a running chainsaw next to a puppy, it’s just not something you can walk past without getting disturbed and invested … I am deeply sorry to anyone I hurt by using the word ‘rape’ in a comedic context. I am sorry to anyone I hurt by conjuring the concept of rape in a metaphor about my stupid hurt feelings … and I will definitely be swayed from the use of that word in comedic contexts because I don’t like hurting people and as an added bonus, I don’t like getting yelled at on Twitter. Especially when the people yelling have phrases like ‘rape joke’ on their side. It’s kind of hard to think of oneself as being ‘pro rape joke.’ Don’t want to be that guy.”

“That was not a short blog post. Because that’s how sorry I am.”

Did you find Harmon’s podcast to be offensive? Did his apology work? Should he have apologized at all?

Posted by:Laurel Brown