Tonight’s cuppa: hazelnut cappuccino

Dan-Harmon-Twitter.jpgSo, what happens when you strand one comedy writer, his girlfriend and some pals on a Los Angeles-area freeway? Funny tweets, of course!

Tonight (Friday, June 22), “Community” creator Dan Harmon (@DanHarmon on Twitter, his photo avatar is above) was apparently stuck with significant other Eric McGathy (@ErinMcGathy), and pals Jeff B. Davis (@JeffBryanDavis), Matt Gourley (@MattGourley) and Amanda Lund (@AmanduhLund) on either the 105 Freeway (what Harmon hashtagged) or the 710 Freeway (what Davis hashtagged).

Or, perhaps, because there was an oil spill on the 710 Freeway, the group was stuck on the 105, which connects to it. Or maybe they were on the 710 headed to the 105. Or they were just on the 710 near the 105 (see map below).

Freeway-map.jpgAnd here’s what Sigalert said happened:

Closed – 710 (I-710 Long Beach Fwy) South at IMPERIAL
7:26 PM
710 SOUTH before Imperial Hwy: A liquid asphalt spill has
all lanes closed. Traffic is diverted off at Firestone. Delays from Washington.
ALT: Take the 110 or the 605 instead. (3147)

Anyway, the friends were apparently headed out to see “Peter Pan,” starring former Olympic gymnast Cathy Rigby.

Tweeted Gourley:

Tonight, we dine in Neverland.

But a mishap stranded them on the road. At that point, Harmon and his friends began tweeting and sharing photographs. Here’s Harmon’s Twitterstream and a couple of his photos …

Going to see if Cathy
Rigby can still fly tonight!
  #TasteThePeter@JeffBryanDavis @MattGourley @ErinMcGathy


Dan-Harmon-Standstill-on-the-105.jpgTurns out it’s not
Cathy Rigby we needed to worry about. Standstill on the 105, assuming major accident


Reported oil spill.
Folks out of cars. Jeff yells at Erin for previous acts of instagram sabotage.
It’s a bottle episode.



Jeff cranky, has to
pee. Opposite freeway traffic yelling things like “you’re going to be
there all night” and “want a pizza.”


Jeff wants me to tweet
that he didn’t yell at Erin. He keeps bringing up that I tweeted that I yelled,
desperate to pick a fight.


Jeff just said
“can’t wait for the new update to find out how abusive I’m being.”
Angriest Jeff I’ve ever seen, becoming a monster.


Anarchy’s flower
blooms as a stranded clown starts making free balloon
animals. #TasteThe105
Thumbnail image for Dan-Harmon-Clown-on-the-105.jpg


cops spent a few
minutes telling people to get back in cars, then made everyone move around so
they could escape. In their absence: Peace.


People taking first
pees. At this rate, in 3 hours, we will see the birth of a perfect new society
that uses air fresheners for currency.


No. Nor any visible
diabetics or racial disputes. So far a trope-free traffic jam RT
 @AndrwRichardson @danharmon any pregnant women?


Plot point 2: pioneers starting U-turns and driving wrong way
down 105 shoulder. We wish them the best but aren’t convinced it’s practical.


Oh, cops now telling
everyone to do U turns. We’re driving the “wrong” way on the freeway,
sad that it meets my definition of fun, but: wee!


Our underwhelming
bottle episode ends. thanks to guest star
“Bombalin,” the post apocalyptic freeway clown.

Bryan also shared some photos …

“Stuck on 710 FWY behind oil spill with @danharmon and @EricMcGathy …

Stuck on 710 FWY behind oil spill with @danharmon and @ErinMc... on Twitpic

“Get me out of here!”

Get me out of here!  #710FWYoilspill #balloonpoodle #hourtwo.  on Twitpic

For her part, McGathy made the best of it …

Stuck behind an oil spill on the 710, but happy to be with @JeffBryanDavis and @danharmon. #AlsoWeHaveToPEE

And here’s a photograph tweeted by Davis from McGathy’s Instagram account

One hopes that, somehow, despite Harmon’s ouster as show-runner, this will find its way into the next season of “Community.”
Posted by:Kate O'Hare