dan harmon paley 2012 gi Dan Harmon has a script deal with CBS tooGetting fired from “Community” kind of seems like it might end up being a good career move for Dan Harmon.

On the heels of a script deal at FOX last week, Harmon also has worked out a deal with CBS and its sister studio. As with FOX, he has a blind script commitment to work on a multi-camera comedy, Deadline reports.

Harmon has said that he wants his next TV project to be a traditional, multi-camera comedy.

Harmon was let go from “Community” at the end of last season. At the time, reports surfaced that the NBC show had trouble staying on time and in budget, and a clash with actor Chevy Chase went public with leaked voice-mail recordings.

That hasn’t appeared to deter NBC’s competitors, though. Harmon is also producing an animated pilot called “Rick & Morty” for Adult Swim.

Posted by:Rick Porter