bieber dan kanter Dan Kanter: Did Justin Bieber's guitarist get fired?When Justin Bieber tweets, the world pauses.

On Monday afternoon, Bieber’s guitarist, Dan Kanter, seemingly tweeted, “hey guys just wanted to inform all of the fans first that I have resigned from working with justin and I will be deleting my twitter soon.”
The Bieb replied, “you will be missed @dankanter .. but what you did was horrible. you will never be forgiven.”
Cue ominous sounding music! Don’t worry, though, Beliebers, Justin was just kidding around. He asked Kanter if he could borrow his phone for a moment and sent out the incendiary tweet. He then replied for authenticity’s sake. We’ve got to give him credit for following the prank through. All is still well on Justin’s tour, which is currently in Dublin, Ireland.
At least for the time being. Kanter has vowed to get revenge (or, in the twitter world, #REVENGE) on Bieber, and Bieb has set his prank sights on tour director Alfredo Flores, who gave the joke away too early, if you ask Justin.
Meanwhile, our favorite pint-sized pop star is having a blast meeting fans in Dublin. There’s just one problem:justin bieber selena tweet Dan Kanter: Did Justin Bieber's guitarist get fired?
Posted by:Carina MacKenzie