Dana-Carvey-Leno.jpgDana Carvey, known for his spot-on impressions, appeared on “The Tonight Show” last night and shared his comedic gift … over and over and over.

The comic seemed to draw from the Robin Williams school of comedy during his interview (if you can really call it that), interjecting his impressions at random, barely giving Leno a moment to speak. His energy was otherworldly.

While Carvey did get laughs throughout, some might have been offended by his repeated impressions of various ethnicities: Japanese, Chinese, Indian and German, to name a few. The audience also seemed to squirm a little when he did his George Lopez/Mexican bit.

Leno, who handled the non-interview like a pro, also pointed out (when he could get a word in edgewise) that Carvey seemed to gravitate towards the “older” references. Jimmy Stewart, Tom Brokaw, Neil Young and Regis Philbin impressions got some significant airtime. Even Jesus got a shoutout.

Carvey left almost no political impression stone unturned. He did Governor Schwarzenegger, Al Gore (whom Carvey compares to a “gay Forrest Gump”), Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and Barack Obama (whom Carvey seems very fond of — and really nailed the impression. SNL, you watching?).

At the end of the interview, Carvey asked Leno if they made it through all the questions on the list. Leno responded that they didn’t even get to the first question.

What did you think of Carvey on “The Tonight Show”? Did he make you crack up or cringe?

To watch Carvey’s high octane “interview” with Leno, watch below:

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Photo credit: NBC

Posted by:Christine Law