dana-delany-castle-320.jpgChances are if you’ve tuned into ABC recently, you’ve seen a good deal of Dana Delany.

Not only is Delany a regular on “Desperate Housewives,” but she is the special guest star of the much hyped two-episode “Castle” event, which kicks off Monday (March 22). And, as if that isn’t enough, she’s also headlining the new ABC pilot “Body of Evidence.”

Korbi TV scored some time with Delany to talk about “Castle,” “Housewives,” her friendship with Nathan Fillion and her new show…

You’re ABC’s MVP at the moment, they have you everywhere!
Dana Delany: [laughs] I know! It’s kind of funny. It all sort of happened by accident.

Was ABC the one who sought you out for “Castle” or was it Nathan?
DD: I sort of blame Nathan for the whole thing. He got the [the ball] rolling because he called me in December and said, ‘There’s this two-part character coming up and would you consider doing it?’ And I said, ‘I think I already have a job, don’t I?’ And then the next thing I heard, ABC thought it was a good idea, so I said ‘okay.’ So I was shooting both “Castle” and “Housewives” at the same time — while I was fighting the flu. That was not easy. And then what I think happened was ABC saw the “Castle” dailies and thought, well, maybe Dana would be good for this pilot? So Nathan was the instigator of everything.

If “Body of Evidence” goes to series, you’re going to need to buy him something pretty.
DD: Definitely. We’ll definitely need a night out together to celebrate.

But first, we need to celebrate your appearances on “Castle.” Had you seen the show before Nathan called about the guest arc?
DD: Yeah, I knew what it was. I watch Nathan in anything he does. And also, I’m a big fan of mystery books, so I like the whole thing they’ve got going there.

Your character, FBI Agent Shaw, comes into the mix in a big way. She doesn’t exactly make friends with most of the NYPD, namely Beckett, who is used to being the strong woman in a very male-dominated environment. Was it fun to play the Beckett/Shaw tension?
DD: The FBI has sort of a history of not being liked. [Laughs] They have to come in and take over and so I think Shaw is used to having to open the door, cause some problems and she doesn’t really care. She’s just trying to do her job. And maybe she gets a little bit of an amusement out of it.

There seems to be something between Castle and Agent Shaw. He’s fascinated with her, but what’s her take on him?
I think she finds him amusing. If there’s any chemistry there, it’s just the natural chemistry between me and Nathan! [Laughs] I don’t think it was really written in. I think he likes her for her [FBI] technology more than anything else.

There is definitely natural chemistry between you two. How was it working together for the third time?
I just love him. He’s just a really decent human being. As I tell him, he was very well brought up. His parents should be proud. And also, whenever I see him, he always teaches me something new, technically. He’s a real tech geek himself. He’s the one that convinced me to get my first iPhone and when I was there, he introduced me to two new apps I’d never heard of, which were “Dragon Search” and “Dragon Dictation.”

That’s hilarious. Are you enjoying them?
I am! They kind of do it all! I’m kind of in love with my iPhone at the moment. My favorite thing, I’ve been playing this game called “Words With Friends” and I’ve got about ten games going on right now. I’m in Providence, Rhode Island shooting this new pilot and I’m playing with the crew on “Housewives,” so I feel like I’m still in touch with them.

What can you tease for the second part of your arc on “Castle”?
You gotta watch the first episode closely, because there’s clues in the first episode as to what happens in the next episode… everything is not as it seems.

Perhaps someone isn’t as good as they at first appear to be?
Um, yes. That’s true, actually. Yes, there’s a hidden element to it.

Someone’s hiding a secret.
Yeah. And in life, no one is all good.

Would you be willing to come back to “Castle”?
I’m open to anything. I’m so very blessed right now that I have so much going on in the ABC family, and that’s what I love about TV, it happens so quickly that you can be on one show one minute and on another show the next. Between “Castle” and “Housewives” and my pilot, I feel really lucky. If any of them go, that would be great, and if not, I’ll figure something else out.

We do have to talk about “Desperate Housewives” because as we saw on Sunday, Katherine and Robin have left Wisteria Lane.
Yes, Robin and Katherine are in gay Paris now! Yay! What I think happened was that [“DH” creator] Marc Cherry — who is very facile and clever — the minute he heard that I was going to be doing this pilot, he said, that’s fine, we’ll just send you off to Paris, and if the show gets picked up, good for you, and if it doesn’t, we can bring you back. So everything is sort of up in the air.

So you won’t be making any more appearances on “Desperate Housewives” this season?
I don’t know. I’ll be done [filming the pilot] in two weeks and we’ll see what happens.

If this is the last viewers saw of Katherine, are you happy with how you left her?
Yeah, I personally find that to be kind of a delightful surprise. I think that Marc thought that Katherine would experiment and then realize you don’t find happiness outside yourself, you really need to find it within yourself. But I think that the odd-couple nature of Katherine and Robin turned out to be delightful, at least for me. I really enjoyed working with Julie [Benz (Robin)] and there is something sweet about the straightness of Katherine and the kookiness of Robin.

They did have a great push-pull relationship.
I really enjoyed it, and it’s funny, I just noticed by accident, when I was on “China Beach,” I think I did about 60 episodes, and I’m hitting the 60 mark on “Housewives.” So maybe that’s my warranty! I’m only on for 60 and then I’m out!

What do you think? Hoping to see Delany back on “Desperate”?

Are you excited for her on-screen reunion with Nathan Fillion?

Glad she’s getting a good shot at her own vehicle?

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