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Here’s my syndicated feature story on this special “Castle” two-parter …

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Castle_Dana_Delany_ful.jpgNathan
Fillion and Dana Delany (left) just can’t stay away from each other.


On the
short-lived 2001-02 Fox series Pasadena,”
they played Glenn Collins and Catherine McAllister, who had an illicit affair.


When Delany
landed on ABC’s “Desperate Housewives” in 2007, playing Katherine Mayfair,
there was Fillion as her younger husband, troubled gynecologist Dr. Adam


Now it’s
2010, and Delany is still “Desperate,” but now Fillion is the star of his own
hit ABC drama, “Castle,” which premiered in 2009 and airs on Mondays.


He plays
mystery novelist Richard Castle, a charming rogue who, through his friendship
with the mayor, has insinuated himself into the crime-fighting efforts – and
life – of ambitious NYPD Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic).


On Monday,
March 22, Delany and Fillion give it another go in a two-part episode of
“Castle” (part two airs March 29), but this time, if romance is involved at
all, it’s not theirs.


Delany guest
stars as Jordan Shaw, an FBI agent who, along with her partner (Leonard
Roberts), teams up with Castle and Beckett to track an elusive killer.


“I’m sort
of Beckett, older,” says Delany, taking a break between shots on the show’s New York police precinct sets (actually, on this day, in
a very rainy Hollywood).
“I come in, I’m successful. I’m good at what I do, and yet I’m also married and
have a kid.


“She’s been
thinking she can’t have it all, and she shouldn’t get romantically involved
with Castle. I’m an example of somebody who’s been able to juggle that. Not
that it’s perfect, but I am able to do it.”


In an
earlier scene, Shaw and Castle were batting ideas in the case back and forth
Castle_Nathan_Fillion_Stana_Katic_ful.jpg coming to a sudden realization and then charging off to follow up on the
lead – leaving Beckett looking (and probably meant to be feeling) like a third

[Photo: Nathan Fillion (l); Stana Katic (r)]


strange, for Beckett,” Katic says, “first of all, to have someone else take
over a case, because she’s always the tip of the spear in all the cases. As we move
on in the story line, we discover that she’s the focus of a serial murderer’s


has always been the one that protects the vulnerable, and suddenly she’s the
vulnerable one.”

And, of
course, Shaw’s muscling in on Beckett’s territory – namely her odd relationship
with Castle. As Fillion describes it, the two don’t engage in normal courtship
or dating; they get worked up instead over solving crimes together.


their version of courtship,” he says. “That’s their version of foreplay. That’s
their version of romance.


“As you can
see in the scene just now, Jordan Shaw starts seeing the value of Castle. The
two of them start connecting on this level of, ‘We’re solving crime together.’
There’s a chemistry there. There’s an electricity there.


is, of course, as you would expect, ‘What the … how … you don’t … you and I are
supposed to … that’s not … .’


“I like it.
It’s fun.”


played an FBI agent in an unsold pilot at the turn of the century –
co-starring, coincidentally, Julie Benz, her “Desperate” character’s new love
interest – and she had to revive the skills she learned then for “Castle,” more
or less.


“We did a
SWAT team scene,” she recalls, “where I had on my high heels and a flak jacket
on, and I’m running with my gun.


“One of the
camera guys said, ‘I really hope that if the FBI’s chasing me, that it’s you,
because I think I could get away.’ I said, ‘I know.’ “

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