abby lee miller dance moms lifetime 65 'Dance Moms': Abby Lee Miller's back but she lied about why she leftLast we saw Abby Lee Miller on the April 3 spring finale of “Dance Moms,” she was skipping out on her dancers and their moms after her star student, Maddie, froze on stage at a competition and forgot her routine.

“I need a break — a break from these moms, away from these kids, away from the yelling,” she said then.

She also told Maddie’s mom, Melissa, at the time that she was leaving to be with her own mother, who was ill — not because Maddie forgot her dance. However, when she shows up to the studio in Tuesday’s (June 5) episode, she cops to the real reason why she left: It was all because of Maddie.

“Some kids are just special!” she screams at the moms right in front of the girls.

And then despite Maddie forgetting her dance at the last competition, Abby doesn’t put her on the bottom of the pyramid. She instead ends up in the middle with her little sister, Mackenzie. But Abby is giving Maddie the week off from solos and the trio — sort of. She still has Maddie demonstrate the trio routine to Chloe, Brooke and Paige and has her critique Chloe’s solo. Plus, when they get to the competition in Los Angeles, Maddie’s name is still on the program to perform her solo.

“I think she has to dance,” Abby says. “This has to do with the reputation that precedes us. When they say that a kid is scratched [from the program], it makes us all look bad.”

But there’s no convincing Maddie to get up on that stage to do her solo before she’s ready, and she’s just not there yet.

Elsewhere, Mackenzie gets fifth place for her solo (she slipped on her sleeve and injured herself during the performance — but, of course, being Maddie’s sister and all, Abby isn’t mad at her), Chloe gets fifth for her solo, the group places fifth and the trio places third (Abby does, of course, get mad at Paige for forgetting a kick). And Abby is not pleased.

“Moms, I came. I flew 3,000 miles. I did everything I was supposed to do — for that?” she asks the room of moms and girls.

She then barks at Brooke and Paige’s mom, Kelly, as she tries to respond: “Kelly, don’t be so stupid all the time!” Geez, no wonder Kelly loses it and calls her fat in the next episode.

Isn’t this whole “Maddie’s Abby’s favorite” thing getting just a little out of hand? 

Posted by:Jennifer Harper