abby lee miller dance moms 619 lifetime 'Dance Moms': Did Abby Lee Miller cheat for one of her students?Abby Lee Miller’s star student, Maddie, rose like a tutu-wearing phoenix from the ashes on the June 12 episode of “Dance Moms” when she returned to the stage and danced her solo to perfection after forgetting the number at a previous competition. Not only was she not scheduled to perform the number, but also her music skipped during the performance — and the kid never missed a beat, leading to a first-place win for Maddie. But on Tuesday’s (June 19) episode, some of the other mothers are raising an eyebrow at the scratched CD, suggesting Abby planned the whole thing to get her golden girl back on top.

“The second Maddie’s music stopped, I knew what was going on,” Brooke and Paige’s mom, Kelly, says.

According to Kelly, Abby knows that a performer dancing through a music mishap is a surefire winning number. The moms go on to allege that Maddie’s mom, Melissa, knew about the whole thing.

“We were told by you on the phone to Kelly that Maddie practiced with her music like that and she knew to keep dancing,” Chloe’s mom, Christi, says to Melissa.

“My daughter did not practice to music like that,” Melissa fires back before running to Abby.

“These mothers are calling my daughter a cheater for last weekend,” Melissa tells her. “Did you cheat for my daughter?”

“Absolutely not,” Abby says. “She’s once again jealous that your kid won. Don’t you get it?”

But that’s not where the accusations end. Later when setting costumes for the group number — two pink dresses, two blue dresses and one green dress — Abby has Paige switch out of the green dress and into one of the too-big pink dresses. Kelly believes it’s because Abby doesn’t want her daughter to receive special attention.

“I’m not setting out to hurt a kid’s feelings,” Abby barks at Kelly, who confronts her after the group’s second-place win. “I will not take these accusations and the finger pointing anymore.”

Do you think Abby gives Maddie special treatment? Is she really trying to punish Kelly by pushing Paige and Brooke out of the spotlight?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper