abby lee miller dance moms lifetime 'Dance Moms': Have Abby Lee Miller and the moms gone too far?Tuesday’s (June 12) episode of “Dance Moms” was jarring to say the least — Abby Lee Miller throws a chair; Brooke and Paige’s mom, Kelly, flips the bird; and Maddie’s mom, Melissa, tattles to Abby about Chloe and her mom, Christi. There’s tears, there’s yelling — oh, and this is the episode in which Kelly famously says, “Stop eating! That’s why you’re fat!” to Abby.

“Dance Moms” gained a steady following in its first season with its tough-as-nails teacher Abby, her talented students and their slightly dramatic mamas, but for Season 2, it feels like Abby and the moms have ratcheted things up a notch — and not in a good way.

Paige and Brooke get solos for the upcoming competition in Chicago, as does Chloe, who’s at the top of the pyramid again this week. Abby tasks Paige’s mom, Kelly, with prepping her daughter’s prop — a chair — with stoppers on the legs to prevent it from slipping around on stage. Rushing around to help Nia’s mom, Holly, with costumes, Kelly forgets about the stoppers, which leads to the epic blowout from Season 2 previews.

Abby looks up at the moms’ viewing room and throws the chair to the ground, leading Kelly to flip Abby off and race downstairs to defend her now-crying daughter. Kelly threatens to leave the studio for good and takes her girls home.

Maddie, meanwhile, is sidelined once again this week and is at the very bottom of the pyramid, which shames her mother into stage-mom pressuring her to tell Abby at the competition that she’s ready to do her solo — the same solo she forgot in the show’s spring finale. With Paige and Brook MIA, Abby enters Maddie into the competition — much to the chagrin of Kelly, who simply shows up with Brooke and Paige moments later.

“With Maddie doing her solo, Paige is just nonexistent to Abby,” Kelly says before pulling both of her daughters’ solos from the competition.

Maddie, for her part, rocks her solo, despite a skipping CD and both she and Chloe place with their performances — second and third, respectively.

Do you think Abby’s behavior has gone too far? What about the moms?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper