Say what you will about the titular mothers from Lifetime’s “Dance Moms,” but Abby Lee Miller is way harder on the girls than any of their moms are. However, the Tuesday (April 3) premiere of spinoff “Dance Moms: Miami” introduces an entirely different beast, Jessi’s mom Susan, who in the preview is dubbed a “psycho mom” who “needs professional help.”

“Dance Moms: Miami,” which premieres immediately following the 90-minute spring finale of “Dance Moms,” features instructors Victor Smalley (“So You Think You Can Dance”) and Angel Armas at the Miami-based Stars Dance Studio, where they are “Turning Kids into Dancers and Dancers into Stars” (sounds familiar …). The show also features six dancers — four girls, two boys — and their moms, though it looks like Susan will be stealing a lot of screen time.

“When I talk to you, you look at me,” she says sternly to her daughter in the promo clip, telling Jessi she owes it to her mom to be on top of the list (i.e., the pyramid from the original “Dance Moms”).

Will you watch?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper