dance moms miami abby debi brigette ani susan lifetime 'Dance Moms: Miami': Which mother belongs in 'Dance Moms' prison?Instructor Victor Smalley takes a page from the Abby Lee Miller handbook Tuesday (May 1) on “Dance Moms: Miami,” choreographing a prison-themed routine for his young dancers. However, unlike Abby’s jailhouse routine that had the girls literally dancing behind bars and landed them in second place behind Candy Apple’s Dance Center, Victor takes a more abstract approach, winning his group first place.

“To have the kids understand a theme like ‘discipline,’ we thought it would be fun to put them in a jail scenario, and because their mothers need discipline as well, we thought it would be even more fun to give them roles that reflect their parents,” instructor Angel Armas says, before inadvertently (?) revealing that Lucas’ mom Brigette is guilty of tax evasion (???).

“I just paid four years of back taxes, and I don’t think that’s very funny,” Brigette says.

One thing Brigette could never be guilty of, though, is holding onto juicy gossip. First she revealed to Sammy’s mom, Abby, on the April 17 episode that Hannah’s mom, Debi, was trying — unsuccessfully — to get Victor to sabotage Sammy. Then this week, Brigette puts a bug in Victor’s ear that Debi says he’s trying to sabotage Hannah by pairing her with the more-advanced Sammy for a duet. Abby’s not on board with the duet either, but Brigette mostly glosses over that when tattling to Victor.

Of course, the moms have to eat crow when the duet wins a special platinum award, whatever that is. It must be good, though, because everyone’s pretty stoked about it.

Victor and Angel should probably just close Stars Dance Studio and turn it into “Dance Moms: Miami” prison, where they can keep all of the mothers locked away forever.

Which mom do you think most belongs in “Dance Moms: Miami” prison: Brigette, Debi, Abby, Susan or Ani?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper