brigette dance moms miami lifetime 'Dance Moms: Miami': Who's the most insecure of them all?The theme of the group dance routine on Tuesday’s (April 17) “Dance Moms: Miami” is insecurities, but the dance floor isn’t the only place insecurity is running rampant, as the moms get in on the act with allegations of sabotage, lying and conspiring against each other’s children.

As instructor Victor Smalley tells Zap2it, “I am here for the kids, not the moms,” and this episode certainly helps prove why the mothers aren’t winning him over. Sammy’s mom, Abby, continues to be a target as her daughter continues to excel at her new studio, but Lucas’ mom, Brigette, comes to the realization that maybe Abby’s not as bad as she was made to believe.

Debi completely manipulated the situation to get everyone to do her dirty work,” Brigette tells Abby.

Later while out for drinks with Abby and Jessi’s mom, Susan, Brigette confesses to Abby that Hannah’s mom Debi was trying to sabotage Sammy.

“She was hoping and planning to try to talk to Victor and Angel and ask them to purposefully not do amazing choreography for you so your daughter would lose,” she says.

After Sammy doesn’t place with her routine at the competition, Abby confronts Victor and Angel about Debi’s alleged sabotage plan, and while Victor mostly stays mum on the subject, his silence speaks volumes to an irate Abby. Debi, for her part, denies that she ever talked to Victor about Sammy’s dancing, causing an uproar amongst all the Miami moms and Abby to run out in tears.

Posted by:Jennifer Harper